Has Wayne Rooney put his house hunting on hold?

Has Wayne Rooney put his house hunting on hold

Has Wayne Rooney put his house hunting on hold

Over the last few weeks there has been intense speculation about the future of Manchester United football star Wayne Rooney while at the same time there have been rumours that he is looking to acquire a £12 million mansion in Cheshire. The property in question is just a short journey from his current home in Alderley Edge although the fact it comes with 20 acres of land would certainly mean a step up from his current home.

The £12 million mansion is currently owned by Ashley Ward and his interior designer wife Dawn and is certainly not your run-of-the-mill football star mansion!

Looking to the future

While a £12 million and 8 bedroom property investment is not something you would generally rush into there is no doubt that Wayne Rooney, currently on £250,000 a week, has the financial clout to make it happen. When you also bear in mind that his wife Colleen is significantly wealthy in her own right this is a couple looking to build a family home for the future. However, could Wayne’s problems at Manchester United scupper the Cheshire mansion deal?

Over the last few days the Wayne Rooney camp has been very quiet with regards to his future at Manchester United when all it would take was a statement confirming he was remaining at the club. As a consequence speculation is growing that Chelsea will return with a £30 million bid for the former Everton starlet which would mean that his potential house hunting project may have to revert further down south.

Footballers and property investments

While many people snigger and laugh at the wealth forced upon many footballers in the UK, and around the world, many of them have invested wisely in property ventures for their future. Wayne Rooney is still relatively young in terms of his football career and while potentially nearing his peak, on £250,000 a week he has certainly benefited financially from his rise to fame.

Quote from PropertyForum.com : “When property tycoon Vincent Tchenguiz announced that he had sold his Mayfair home for nearly £17 million, after receiving an unsolicited offer, perhaps we need to look at the luxury end of the market to see whether it is beginning to overheat?”

In the past we have seen some footballers putting their own “stamp” on their properties which in the eyes of some estate agents can make them difficult to sell in the future. However, it seems that Wayne Rooney and his wife Colleen are looking for not only a family home but also an investment for the future.

What would £12 million get you in London?

When you bear in mind that property entrepreneur Vincent Tchenguiz recently sold his luxurious Mayfair home for £17 million, after receiving an unsolicited offer, it seems that £12 million will get you on the property ladder in the more luxurious end of the London market. The problem with London is a lack of space therefore a property similar to the one they have been looking at in Cheshire, with 20 acres of land, would need to be out with the capital and more towards the countryside.

This comes at a time when the prime London property market is coming under ever closer scrutiny with overseas investors pushing prices at the top end of the market to record highs. Whether this is sustainable in the short to medium term remains to be seen but Wayne Rooney and his wife seem determined to acquire a top of the range property in the short term.

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