Coltsgate Hill Chapel up for sale at £500,000

The grade 2 listed Coltsgate Hill Chapel in Ripon is up for sale with a guide price of £500,000. This former Methodist Chapel has led an interesting life having been a supermarket, hi-fi retailer and an accountancy office. However, it is back on the market with a guide price of £500,000 and an array of history to go with that figure. At this point it is difficult to say how much the property will bring at auction but there will certainly be some interest.

The Knoll Charitable Trust

The property is currently owned by the Knoll Charitable Trust and was the location for an earlier chapel which boasted an array of famous guests amongst others the Methodist movement founder John Wesley. The two-storey property we see today was constructed back in 1861 for the grand sum of £2000 and was deconsecrated back in 1963 when the congregation merged with the nearby Allhallowgate Methodist Church.

The Knoll Charitable Trust acquired the property back in 1986 in the hope that it would become a local community centre. In many ways this is a perfect example of the costs associated with a grade 2 listed property and the potential planning permission constraints. The fact that the chapel is located in the vicinity of a vibrant shopping centre with restaurants, cinema and retail outlets should ensure a relatively quick sale. It will be interesting to see whether the eventual buyer decides to maintain the character of the property, there is some protection from planning laws, or look to do something totally different.

Application for residential use

It is public knowledge that a preliminary planning application has been made to convert the chapel to a residential property. It is not certain at this moment in time whether this will be flats or possibly a large dwelling but we should know soon enough. Those marketing the property, Croft Residential in York, have already declared significant interest in the property with some “imaginative ideas for its redevelopment”. We can only imagine the characteristics and ambience associated with a former chapel and the many religious events which have been held there.

This two-storey building does have significant potential for redevelopment but ultimately it will be down to the local council as to what happens next. We can only hope that the outside characteristics of the property are maintained and the inner style as much as possible. When you bear in mind that this particular property dates back to around 1861 it is a part of the area’s history.

Converting old religious buildings

As congregations continued to merge right across the country we are seeing more and more religious buildings coming onto the market. There is obviously a need to maintain their character and history as much as possible but also fully utilise their location. Many interior designers have managed to maintain the outer characteristics of former religious properties and indeed used the unique style and shape to create some quite stunning effects. These properties also offer a welcome addition to the coffers of various charities and religious organisations across the country.

Would you be up for the challenge of converting an old religious building into a residential property?

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