Celebrity landlords in the UK

We all know that real estate investment has proven to be extremely lucrative for many celebrities but the growing number of celebrity landlords in the UK will surprise many. Some of these landlords are happy to stay in the background while others are more forthcoming with their property portfolio investments and their successes. So, who are the best known celebrity landlords in the UK?

Robbie Fowler

The former Liverpool ace is one of the best-known football property entrepreneurs in the UK building up a multi-million pound fortune from early on in his playing days. While he lived the dream as a Liverpool legend behind-the-scenes he was always planning for his long-term future and property was his chosen asset. Not only has he built up a massive buy to let portfolio covering the UK but he has also set-up a “Property Academy”.

Daniel Radcliffe

While very young when he started out in the Harry Potter series Daniel Radcliffe has certainly had his ups and downs in his personal life. This has not stopped him from amassing a property portfolio said to be worth in excess of £10 million taking in assets as far afield as the UK and New York. For someone so young to be so switched on in relation to their long-term property investments is extremely impressive. This is a young man who has certainly invested wisely and will reap the rewards of a massive property portfolio in years to come.

Rupert Grint

Daniel Radcliffe’s sidekick in Harry Potter never really grabbed the headlines but there is no doubt that Rupert Grint has his head screwed on. Slowly but surely he has been investing in property, creating a portfolio which is worth in excess of £12 million. While nobody could have guessed the success of the Harry Potter series, and the riches which were bestowed upon the stars, this is all good and well but investing for the long-term is a totally different ballgame. A £12 million property portfolio will certainly go a long way towards paying for a very enjoyable retirement!

Craig Phillips

Many people will be scratching their heads, they remember the name Craig Phillips but they cannot put a face to the name. Craig Phillips was the cheeky chappie who won the inaugural Big Brother series before embarking on a TV career as a DIY expert. Even before his appearance on Big Brother he had begun building up his own property portfolio which is now said to be worth in excess of £10 million. His ability to spot a property, redevelop it and resell it shows an extremely sharp business mind as well as having an able personality.

Andy Cole

The former Newcastle and Manchester United star was once quoted as suggesting “I don’t think you can go wrong with investing in bricks and mortar”. He has certainly been good to his word building up a multi-million pound portfolio although not quite the size of Robbie Fowler’s. While Andy Cole played football in the early days of the “big money” he earned nothing like the stars of today. Therefore, it is refreshing to see a wealthy football star thinking ahead and think about the future. Do you think he received any advice from Robbie Fowler?

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