Apartments at Great Central, Sheffield

In recent years Northern regional cities have emerged as the premier locations for UK property investment, with the focus shifting from London and towards major cities such as Manchester and Leeds which have stolen the limelight from capital.

London was by far the most popular UK city for buy-to-let investment until only a few years ago, with three times the number of buy-to-let mortgages than its Northern counterparts. Fast forward to today and house prices in regions are rising faster than in London, a city which is still undergoing a prolonged slowdown in the property market.

Apartments at Great Central, Sheffield

Savills predicts that the London housing market will continue to lag well behind other regions in the coming years. In comparison, the Northern housing market is looking incredibly bright with house price growth in the key cities leading the way. Both national and overseas investors have turned their attention to the North with an eye on the future.

One market that is particularly appealing to investors is Sheffield, a city which has become one of the UK’s top locations for buy-to-let investment and is mirroring Manchester’s success in the last five years. Sheffield’s population is expected to balloon by almost 15% by 2035, and the economy is also on an upward trajectory having grown 2% year-on-year for the last decade.

Sheffield’s skilled workforce and its ability to attract world leading businesses are only two of the factors in its recent success. According to recent reports, more than 25% of graduates from the city’s universities stay in Sheffield annually, and this is unsurprising with the city now classed as one of the UK’s leading destinations for business.

Over the last five years Sheffield has developed into a modern investment destination with international aerospace giant Boeing choosing to build its first UK-based manufacturing facility in city. Employing more than 2,300 staff in the UK, Boeing’s facilities are likely to expand even further in the future and Sheffield will continue to benefit.

As well as being a hotbed for world class businesses and innovative start-ups, Sheffield is now considered a lucrative place to invest. With a large flow of investment being injected into the city, residents will soon benefit from fantastic infrastructure and new leisure opportunities. An example of this is the £480m Retail Quarter which is in the process of been developed and will soon host the new regional headquarters for HSBC.

With a strong economy and growing population, the need for high quality rental homes is also increasing. Great Central is the latest development from Knight Knox and is perfectly located a short walk away from the vibrant Sheffield city centre, as well as being on the doorstep of the trendy Kelham Island district.

There is no doubt that Sheffield is on the brink of something very exciting and it is certainly a city to watch in the future. With house price growth accelerating, now is a fantastic time to invest and be a part of Sheffield’s success story. Apartments at Great Central start at just £110,000 and are selling out fast. Don’t miss out on this unique investment opportunity! Click here for further information >>

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