France still proving popular for overseas property buyers

French Alps seen as an increasingly popular destination for investors

France continues to be among the world’s top 10 strongest country brands and being popular with overseas property buyers.

It is showing resilience in the face of the current eurozone challenges according to the 2011/12 FutureBrand Country Brand Index (CBI).

In its seventh year, the CBI illustrates perceptions of 113 global nations, and is based on more interviews, insights and information than any other study of its kind. The index assesses the strength of a country brand measuring awareness, familiarity, preference, consideration, advocacy and active decisions to visit a particular country.

Ranking in ninth place, France remains a top brand according to the CBI. Indeed, when it comes to a popular country brand recognised across the globe, France leads the way ranked in first place for awareness and familiarity among the public.

Furthermore, France flies the flag for second place in the top 10 category for brand heritage and culture whilst it scores fifth place for brand tourism.

France has always held a strong identity and enjoys enormous popularity as not only a top tourist destination, ranked in 1st position by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s top ten tourist destinations for 2010 but as one of the best destinations for a new life abroad according to recent data.

Research from Lloyds TSB International Wealth Survey revealed that 21% of respondents selected France as their number one choice for a home abroad while the findings also highlighted an increase in the number of wealthy Britons considering a move overseas with Brits accounting for 11% of the buyers in France putting them in 3rd place behind the Portuguese and the French themselves.

Business Development Manager, Charlie Williams of Terresens, France’s leading eco-friendly property developer, believes that the French Alps is becoming more popular.

‘France is one of those places that in spite of economic uncertainty, still affords a timeless appeal. Indeed, it has an unbeatable reputation and with a solid country brand, people will always stop by and visit making this a reliable bet for property investors,’ he explained.

‘At present, the French Alps is one destination that has seen a rise in popularity with around 62% of the market driven by buyers seeking lifestyle and investment choices and French ski property provides both,’ he added.

An example is Le Centaure in Belle Plagne, Savoie, which offers a 4.6% rental income and one week personal usage with prices starting at €190,748.

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  1. sylsanchez

    Who writes these advertorials? Anyone living in France and who has an ounce of intelligence can tell you that the property market is frozen: there ain't nothing happening. Both buyers and vendors are waiting to see what happens to the Euro crisis and who wins next year's elections. And just take a look at this week's "Economist" newspaper: it reckons house prices are way over-valued in France. So do I.


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