Getting your company on SKY TV is far more affordable than you might think. Property TV (SKY Channel 189) is the UK’s only television channel dedicated entirely to all things ‘property’, reaching a peak daily audience of over 238,000 UK viewers (all of whom are interested in property).

In 2016 Property Forum launched it’s own Chat Show series on SKY, which reached a new UK audience with an appetite for property education, property deals and expert knowledge. Each series has episodes dedicated to a particular area of property investment (such as HMOs, Buying Overseas, Property Finance, etc). We invite up to 3 experts in complimentary (not competing) businesses to feature on each episode and answer questions from our 64,000 forum members that directly relate to their area of expertise. This allows companies to showcase their skill set, promote their services and established trust in their brand (all of which drives leads).

You could appear on our next episode for a surprisingly affordable price. Imagine the increase in reputation and brand awareness your company would receive from a SKY TV appearance? Take a browse around previous episodes here.

Watch previous episodes of our SKY TV show here

Key benefits of your TV exposure:
• Our last series reached an estimated 500,000 UK viewers on Property TV.
• Build trust in your brand with a personal appearance on SKY’s dedicated property channel.
• Showcase your skills and expertise on an episode built around your specialist area.
• The content for your episode is agreed with you before filming, allowing your to showcase the products and services that you want to create interest in.
• After launch, your episode remains on property forum permanently, providing you with ongoing brand exposure and lead generation.

Got a question? Ask our helpful team

Where does filming take place?
Filming takes place at the Property TV studios in Kent.
When is the next episode being filmed?
We record episodes throughout the year, working closely with our featured experts to ensure they are placed on an episode that best represents their services and products. We liaise with you well in advance of any potential filming dates to check your availability.
What will i need to talk about?
All content is pre-agreed with yourselves prior to filming. This gives you plenty of time to prepare your responses for filming. It isn’t filmed ‘live’ so if you are new to TV dont worry, there is plenty of opportunity to do retakes.
Who will i be appearing with?
We work hard to make sure you feature alongside 1 or 2 other experts in a complimentary business. You will never appear alongside a competitor. For that reason places are strictly limited and we advise early booking.
How long is an episode and when is it shown?
Each episode is 30 minutes in total (approximately 10 minutes is allocated to each expert). Each episode is aired at prime time evenings slots (usually 8:00pm – 9:00pm).

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