What is a Sponsored Keyword? has over 50 individual forums containing almost 85,000 comments in 13,000 conversations. You can now sponsor a relevant keyword (e.g. ‘Property Lawyer’ or ‘Overseas Investment’) across all of these conversations, linking straight back to your website.

Not only does this provide a unique opportunity to promote your company, but the SEO benefits to company website are substantial.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a specific word (or set of words), for example, as a property lawyer you could choose the word “Lawyer”. This means that everywhere the word “Lawyer” appears across the entire forum (in this example, it appears almost 200 times!), that word will be turned into a link that drives people straight back to your website.

Our users can easily browse our forums to find conversations most relevant to them. All conversations remain on the forum permanently, giving visitors a huge resource for reading and learning.

What are the benefits?

  • Sponsoring a keyword offers you complete exclusivity of that keyword. Once a keyword is sponsored, you automatically block out your competitors for that keyword.
  • You will sponsor all existing mentions of your keyword AND all new mentions of your keyword that appear in new conversations (for the length of your sponsorship term).
  • The SEO benefits to your website are vast. We rank at the top of page 1 of Google for key industry search terms. Imagine the SEO benefit of 100s of links to your website from your sponsored keywords with us?
  • Because the keyword links appear in genuine conversations from our users, it looks like your company is being recommended, or being linked to for a source of further information (without being ‘salesy’). See examples for the word ‘Lawyer’ below.
  • Our most popular keywords feature between 100-200 times and cost just £1.70 each.

Reserve your keywords for 6 months at a time. A single keyword costs £1.70. Keywords are only bookable in their entirety, so prices range from £100 to £340 per month in total (depending on the number of times a keyword is mentioned across our forum.) . Speak to our team today for an accurate price on your preferred keyword.

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What keywords are available?

Please chat to our team about a keyword choice (or multiple keywords) that is most relevant to your business. The most popular keywords include:
• Property investment • Property Finance • Finance • Mortgage • Buy to Let • Lawyer • Solicitor • Bridging
• Holiday Home • Overseas Property • Tenants • Build • Joint Venture • Furniture • Real Estate • Dubai

Examples of where keyword links appear for the keyword “Lawyer”…

Lawyer keyword example 1

Lawyer Keyword example 2

Lawyer Keyword example 3

Ask our team a question

Price shown below is per keyword. Speak to our team first to find out how many keywords are available before booking. A typical keyword appears between 100- 200 times making the monthly price of sponsoring one keyword between £170 – £340.

Limited availability. Hurry while your keyword is available!

Discount Expires

£2.60 £1.70 / month


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