This specialist package is designed for companies wanting to find landlords and investors for property investments in the UK or overseas.

“With over 20 years experience promoting property investments across multiple businesses, we understand which advertising products work best for this type of promotion and our bespoke package incorporates all of those marketing elements to give you the greatest possible chance of success with your campaign.”

Nicholas Wallwork, CEO of Property Forum

We know that our members respond best to companies they have heard of before, who’s reputation and expertise proceeds them and that their questions about an investment will be answered quickly and transparently (without any initial request for personal information). The marketing elements of this package allow you to build trust with our audience and ‘put a face’ to your business (through educational articles, social media, and chatting on our forum), so that when you do a promotional push for a product (through a mailshot) you have better chance of converting hot leads, as your company name and expertise is already fresh in our members’ minds.

Key benefits to your business:

This package includes…

2 Month Targeted Social Media Campaign
Get in front of over 50,000 landlords and investors across our networks on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with a 2 month targeted social media campaign, professionally written by our marketing team (who specialise in the property industry). This substantial campaign focuses on driving targeted results and enquiries from your ideal customer base, giving you 7 hours of dedicated time from our team.

4 sponsored articles
Articles are 500 – 600 words in length and sit permanently in our well respected News Portal (which is picked up by Google News). Articles allow you to showcase your expertise in a neutral way and subtly generate leads as a result. They also contain external links back to your website.

List your deals on the forum
We have a dedicated area of the website to list property investment deals. Any properties you list here will remain permenantly until they are removed by you. When you list a property investment, you can include images, videos, unlimited wording and external links to your website. There is also the option for our 64,000 members to post questions underneath your deal, that you can also answer online. This is a great way to add credibility to your deal and showcase answers to FAQs from potential investors. View our deals section here.

Agent Membership for 6 months
Agent membership allows you to become a recognised expert in your field through conversations on our forums. Everytime you join in a conversation with landlords and investors in one of our forums (and we have over 50), your company logo, a link to your website and a promotional sentence about your company will appear under every comment you make. This is incredible value, because the more you chat, the more promotion you get! Plus all your comments stay online forever.

Half Page Advert in HMO Magazine
Benefit from our exclusive partnership with the UK’s only HMO Magazine, with a half page advert reaching an even wider audience of UK landlords and investors. Your advert would appear in both a printed and a digital issue.

Banner for 6 months
Our team will advise you on the best place to position your banner, so that it is in front of the most relevant target audience for your type of property investment.

1 Mailshot to our opted-in database
We have an active database of almost 10,000 property investors, landlords and developers who have recently ‘opted-in’ to receive marketing from us about property investment deals. We include a mailshot within our packages at the request of our clients and to compliment the key marketing activities above. If you are familiar with GDPR, you will understand that most databases have recently reduced in size (as a result of new marketing rules coming in on 25th May 2018). Whilst Property Forum’s database has reduced in size too, we have had an excellent percentage of users opt-in to still hear from us and our percentage of open rates for mailshots have actually increased.

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