Simple home improvements that make a difference

Research shows that while there are many simple home improvements to consider, the two main rooms which catch the attention of potential buyers are the kitchen and the bathroom. There are numerous improvements you can make to ensure your home is more memorable, easy on the eye, and also increase its potential value.

Improving your kitchen

The chances are when you installed your current kitchen units; the trends were very different than they are today. Thankfully, there are several straightforward ways in which you can improve the look and feel of your kitchen which do not cost you a fortune.

• Refresh the walls with neutral paint colors
• Replace cupboard handles with more modern styles
• Maximize the space to make it look less cluttered
• Repaint kitchen cabinets
• Add new splashbacks

If you have the funds available and see the potential for a significant increase in the value of your property, you could always look towards a brand-new kitchen refit (or purchase a second-hand kitchen for a fraction of the price). However, decluttering the kitchen, replacing old/tired -looking handles for more trendy styles together with a new coating of paint on the wall and cabinets can make a huge difference.

Improving your bathroom

There are many rooms in the home which are impacted by relatively fast-moving trends but it is kitchens and bathrooms which tend to look more outdated quicker than any other places. Recently, we have seen a move towards smaller bathrooms as a means of expanding living space and even adding additional bedrooms. So, what simple improvements you can make to your bathroom to give it a better look and feel and ultimately attract buyers?

• Maximize bath/shower space
• Ensure there is some form of storage space
• Repaint the walls
• Update fixtures
• Refresh tiling grout/replace
• Go Green
• Replace bathroom suite

Over the last few years, we have certainly seen a trend towards more environmentally friendly/efficient equipment and home designs. While many saw this as a fad in the early days, it is now clear that ecologically friendly/efficient homes will attract more considerable attention from buyers going forward – as well as pricing premiums. This may involve upgrading your shower unit or introducing new toilet systems with more efficient water management. It will obviously depend on your budget but there is potential to enhance the value of your home going forward by “going green.”

Improved lighting

While there can be a temptation to invest significant funds into home improvements, we often come across homeowners who fail to consider the simple things in life, like lighting. You can have the best home in the world, the most eye-catching design, and on-trend products but if the light is not right, then you are not showing off your property to its full potential. If a potential buyer does not get the whole picture, they may leave disappointed and could walk away to the next property.

There are many different styles of lighting you can buy today for various rooms in the home. Even something as simple as changing a lampshade to something more “stylish” and on-trend can make a huge difference. Light switches are also another area where a simple style update and “different look” can increase overall appeal. We are not suggesting flashing lights or neon signs when updating the lighting in your living room, kitchen or bathroom just something that shows your home to its best. There is also the potential to introduce a calming, relaxing environment in bedrooms by using the appropriate mood lighting (always a winner!). Simple improvements to lighting can make a huge difference when buyers come knocking.

Should you leave room for the buyer’s stamp?

There is an argument that some homebuyers are looking for properties which look and feel homely but also have enough potential leftover so they can put down their style stamp. In reality, the vast majority of homebuyers would like to find a property that they like and move in with very little to do. However, as a buyer, it can be challenging to find a home that perfectly reflects your preferred look and style with no changes required!

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