Removing unnecessary admin so agents can shine

Buy-to-let landlords and managing agents have had a rough time recently, from rafts of new legislation to contend with through to Coronavirus, which put the housing market in a deep freeze.

PlanetRent provides a new transparent way of working for landlords, including those who use agents. A landlord can invite their letting agent – or agents – across their property portfolio to use PlanetRent’s agent-specific portal. The portal connects the landlord and their agent(s) seamlessly for offers, progress of deals, contract signing, permission to give keys and stores all documents in a centralised in the cloud. On-brand marketing materials are shared too so publishing a property is trouble free. And, both the agent and the landlord (and/or his accountant) gets to see real-time data and compliance in their hand.

Never before has a landlord been able to use an Agent and see that his portfolio is well managed and that his tenants are happy. Never before has an Agent had it so easy to share data with their Client and organisation of deals, documents and processes made simple however many of their staff come and go.

What PlanetRent provides is complete control of the performance of a landlord’s property portfolio.

Removing unnecessary admin

The platform itself saves significant time and money, simplifies and sharpens your processes to help you get ahead. The platform not only manages properties, but it also connects your tenants to all their documentation as well as your favorite contractors too (you can map different contractors for different properties, for different repair types in different areas – so any staff, any agent your wishes will be known.

Removing unnecessary admin so agents can shine

PlanetRent enables landlords and agents to work hand in hand, creating a powerful toolkit, ultimately delivering better results for landlords, and their tenants.

Larger landlords can manage several agents at once with confidence through PlanetRent, which will deliver real-time reporting and will keep all of your data in one place as well as provide high level reporting.

The company understand the squeeze on agents implicitly and a key aim of PlanetRent is to de-risk lettings, simplify and automate the process to make an agents’ life easier and save agents time in needing to report separately to each landlord on compliance and everything else they should (if in fact they do), by handing this automatically in real time.

There really is no other way to report on your portfolio across multiple regions, multiple agents with PlanetRent institutional quality tools will impress your lenders and drive your professionalism as a landlord.

PlanetRent will also protect you and your Agent from schoolboy errors – especially as the Council’s enforcement powers extend to both landlord and Agent – by using PlanetRent you can feel safer than just blindly trusting your Agent.

By automating large parts of an agent’s admin, PlanetRent delivers frictionless tenant management, advice on response times, emergency procedures, move-in guides, how to look after appliances and much more to keep your tenants happier. And, when they rate repairs, good ratings push to social media to build your profile.

If you are a landlord who wants to make managing your agent easier – or if you’re an agent who wants an easier life – why not use PlanetRent?

It’s completely free to sign up so you could join today and pay nothing. All you need to do is:

1. Sign up to PlanetRent
2. Add your properties to the PlanetRent portal.
3. Add your agents for each of those properties.

If you would like to find out more about how PlanetRent can support you and help make your relationship with agents easier, please visit the website

You can read more about PlanetRent in the Times, Property Industry Eye, LandlordZone and Property Week.

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