Get your Buy-to-Let Property Summer Ready!

The upcoming weeks are crucial for any Buy-to-Let landlord looking to make the most of their properties this summer. Although some of the following tips may be seen as somewhat straightforward, there are a number of rogue landlords out there in the UK. Good landlords, on the other hand, know exactly what they are doing and go the extra mile for their tenants.

First of all, start outside. The first thing potential tenants will notice with the property is the exterior, after all. A nicely kept garden is necessary; a tidy garden is a good sign of things to come from the interior. Making sure everything is in tip-top order will only result in success. In addition, leaving gardening equipment for them to keep up the level of maintenance set by the landlord will be wise. It will give them the incentive to look after the property.

While out there, checking for any repair works will be a good move just in case they need doing. A missing roof tile, blocked gutters, or any damage to the property will deter potential tenants from ever even considering an offer. Taking care of these issues will also help down the line.

Furthermore, consider installing security cameras along with motion sensor lighting. Giving tenants the added benefit of feeling safe within their own homes right away will, in turn, provide them with reason to stay longer. It will also benefit the landlord as they will have peace of mind knowing their property is better protected. Be sure to add a warning sign as extra defence.

Moving into the exterior now, it may be a good idea to assess the decor. If outdated, then give it an update with a lick of paint or a new piece of furniture. Spruce up a room with a plant or install a shelf where needed. Anything which makes it look lived in can be all the difference. Taking care of anything maintenance-related indoors, too, will be of benefit to the overall environment.

Make the most of summer light by cleaning all windows inside and out. If needed, perhaps think about maximising light in darker rooms by installing a new extra window. This may not be possible in all scenarios, but it could help reduce electricity bills and improve the well-being of tenants. A new bay or skylight window could be a fantastic addition to any property.

Finally, does there need to be a change of scenery around the place? A new en-suite for the master bedroom or converting an old closet into something much more useful are great ways to maximise space. Making the property feel as big as possible will work well in impressing the new tenants. With the end goal of making them stay as long as possible, this is an excellent tactic to get on top of now. If not, there may be complications when these jobs need doing later on.

After considering all of these options, any landlord should be ready for the summer. With that said, why not check out one of Nicholas Wallwork’s finished properties ready for letting? If you’re new to buy-to-let property investments, read up on the common mistake you should avoid here.

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