10 tips for choosing the right colours for your holiday-let

As a landlord, it can be difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a potential guest when trying to envisage what they want from their home away from home. Especially as you want to ensure that they have the perfect setting to relax in. As such, many landlords tend to go for an ultra-safe, traditional look when there is scope to be a little more adventurous and really make your property shine.

Luckily, we have been testing out an incredibly useful gadget – ColorReader, to inspire us to get creative colour. And we’re sure this device will come in handy for those looking to redecorate and create an inviting environment for those on a well-deserved break.

The ColorReader is the tool to use in your quest to find a style that creates the ideal atmosphere. It scans individual colours and produces the exact code match, along with a digital colour palette, which will provide a variety of hues that complement the shade you have taken a shine to.

Home décor should be different to holiday décor

Families are looking for something a little different to their usual home décor. They are taking a trip away as a break away from the everyday. So, while you want a comfortable space for them to rest, the chances are they’ll be looking for something a little more vibrant in comparison to their humble abode. Don’t be scared to play around with colour and use the ColorReader to test out a wide array of tones.

Match your colour palette with the location

Have you considered matching your colour palette to the location of your holiday-let? Try a light blue theme to represent the sea at a beachside location. Or an earthy look for a scenic, country-escape. Use heritage tones, like sage green and putty. Take the ColorReader with you into the great outdoors and get some inspiration by scanning colours from the scenes that surround you.

Blank walls – useful when comparing and contrasting

You don’t want to go overboard, too much colour can be overwhelming. Remember your guests are here to relax! Blank walls break up your chosen colours and offer the perfect opportunity to bring more life to the tones you’ve decided on, making them feel brighter and livelier in contrast.

Get searching for inspiration

The ColorReader matches the colour you scan exactly, so checking out the latest interior magazines and websites is a must. Enjoying flicking through and matching the exact colour you want for your space. Top tip! You can even visit other holiday-lets to see what makes them tick, especially ones that are regularly attracting holidaymakers. Take a sneaky scan, if you’re brave!

Follow the science

It is wise to look into the science before decorating your space. For example, bright yellows can be associated with anxiety and browns can connote a dirty environment. It is worth doing your research and noting how you want people to feel in your home. Choose your colours accordingly. Once you know what it is that you want, use the ColorReader to find the dreamy shade you are looking for!

Tackle the 50 shades of white

As discussed, plain walls add a charming contrast to a colourful space. However, finding the perfect white can be harder than you think! These include everything from cream to eggshell, vanilla to ivory and more . So, where do you start? What should you look for? Again, the ColorReader is the best tool to find out the exact shade you’ve been admiring without sample cards, when the human eye sometimes struggles to see the difference!

Look at the bigger picture

Many people start redecorating their property thinking about how amazing one colour will look without giving thought to how the entire room will look when all the finishing touches are added. The ColorReader will generate a gorgeous palette of complimentary colours to suit your main shade, so you can rest assured that the pieces you put together won’t clash. No starting over again!

You get what you pay for

The ColorReader is great for taking the hard work out of interior design. Find amazing colours for your holiday home in an instant, without spending too much time worrying about a property you don’t spend much time in! This is a gadget that won’t just help when it comes to decorating, but yearly when you want to change accessories to fit current trends.

You don’t need to change colours every time!

With that in mind, it is important to remember that you don’t have to redecorate the whole space yearly! Can you imagine how costly that would be? After all, each individual customer coming through the door will be seeing your property for the first time. If it works, keep it! Instead, colour match accessories to refresh the look every now and again. Put your faith in the ColorReader to find the ideal tones for complimentary covers, cushions, curtains and the rest.

There are many simple yet highly effective ways to add more colour to your holiday-let. Whether you’re going for a calming or relaxing atmosphere, a bold and vibrant look, or somewhere in between, use the ColorReader to seek out precise colours and create something special for your guests.

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