Zoopla and MousePrice Accuracy?

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Hi folks,

I'm so curious how accurate the sales value estimates are on the likes of Zoopla and MousePrice.

The price estimates in the West Mids tend to seem higher than I would expect.

Any views on estimate accuracy on popular sites?

thanks so much

Ben Kinder

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I'm not really familiar with MousePrice, but Zoopla are known for being wildly inaccurate with their estimates. It's widely documented online that the online estate agent has been known to be up £100k out on it's estimations.


As they say:-

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

It is possible for a dozen people to take the same statistics and come up with different answers. Best advice, do your own local research. The land registry is a little behind the times due to time taken to process paperwork, etc but perhaps gives the most accurate figures?