Your impressions of Tabatinga and Buzios (Natal)

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I would like people's opinions on Tabatinga and Buzios, both of which are just south of Natal.

Any and all opinions are welcome.


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I think Tabatinga has alot more going for it than many of the other towns especially the ones to the north of Natal, for the near future anyway. It already has some basic infrastructure, has 3 off plan developments in planning (as far as I am aware) which are reasonably low density (although I have not looked at any of these developments in any detail),so could have an exit route in the brazilian market and you already have some rich brazilians living in the area. It s not too far from Natal/ exsiting airport and not too far from the tourist town of Pipa. Cant speak of Buzios. Hope that helps.


Tabatinga is nice and Buzios also,but the tide is extremely strong in Buzios and has a reputation for putting people into difficulty with the seas very strong and difficult current.Not a place to swim! Pirangi close by has calmer waters (very similar to Genipabu)and is good for swimming and has an ok selection of places to eat, Pirum Buzios (next to Pirangi)has a calm area to swim,but has a few rocky areas too and with only a couple of bars close by that close a 4pm. The closest chemist to Tabatinga and Buzios is 4 kms away and you will not find a taxi in sight.These 3 places are where all the locals spend their noisy summer holidays in their summer houses playing music at full pelt until dawn!If you plan on a good rest forget it visit somewhere quieter.


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Praia de Buzios RN is an excellent beach 20 km South of Ponta Negra, Natal.
Positive aspects:
Basic infrastructure with paved road and regular bus services to Natal, some very nice properties owned by Brazilians and 3 or 4 new resorts built and mainly owned by Norwegians, beautiful scenery, ideal for kite surfing, windsurfing ( Pirambuzios ) and surfing ( Southern part ).

Negative aspects: Dead after 6 pm. If you are looking for after dark activities this is not the place.
Only a couple of local shops with very basic offer.

The Municipality of Nisia Floresta does nothing to develop the place, despite all the taxes they are getting from there.
They have one merit though: then enforce the law that prohibits high rises in Buzios. The highest building is ground floor + 2, which certainly is a guarantee for future quality of the area.

I have a couple of apartments there for sale: waterfront location, finished & furnished, ready to move in, guaranteed sea view for life, 85.000,-reais only, nice Brazilian price.
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