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You get what you pay for

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by Jain and Chris, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Hello everyone, a real gem in from our friend Mark Thomas today of Jam Advice in Sofia... seems like cheap low cost airlines might not end up so cheap after all?

    More Extra's then ever!

    Ryanair, the masters of spurious revenue generation have set what may well become an industry norm as the year's progress; from September 20th they will start to charge for checking in at the airport! The initial cost is 2 GBP or 4$ per way which no doubt will increase as time ticks by.

    Thus passengers for example may now have to pay 10 GBP (20 USD) if you take a suitcase plus 2 GBP (4USD) to hand it over at check in - per way! Oh plus if you call the Ryanair help line that's also 1 GBP ( 2 USD), Almost forgot if you have children with you and you want to book them confirmed seats so you are all seated together that's an extra 4 GBP ( 8 USD) each.

    There seems thus no end to these revenue generation schemes and next may well be a charge for the upholstery on the seat you are sitting on and the air quality inside the cabin :eek:

  2. seannie1

    seannie1 New Member

    Back to the good old days then, £2000 to fly a kite,and another £500 for breathing while doing so,they are bringing competition to a new level,but has anyone got a better proposal,other than stay at home.One could set off walking but may die on route,or attempt to engineer ones own aircraft which can prove time consuming and dangerous,at least they postponed the 6 quid for farting charge untill further notice,they may be human after all.
  3. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    Yes, I have often thought that RyanAir's accountants are playing a game called "how low can we go?" with their passengers.

    The idea is to try and see how much pain and suffering they can inflict upon their passengers before they finally decide that it's better paying a few quid more to fly with a decent airline.

    They haven't quite beaten me yet though as the prices really are incredibly low (especially when they have one of the sales on). So I will just sit there as usual with my eyes and fists clenched thinking "it will all be over in a couple of hours and I'll have saved myself 50 quid".
  4. paul-steve

    paul-steve New Member

    I thought they were supposed to be sorting all this out so companies have to put the total price and not hide so called extras like a seat, if not it's about time they did.
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