Would you buy an overseas property to gain a permanent visa?



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While countries such as Spain and Portugal have introduced a new weapon into their property markets, in the shape of permanent residency visas for those acquiring properties over a certain value, is this something you should actually take into consideration?

There is no doubt that for some overseas investors the opportunity to gain residency in countries such as Spain, Portugal, etc by simply acquiring property does look attractive. However, do not fall into the trap of believing that professional investors are in anyway fooled by this strategy, they will take into account all aspects of investing in local property. In many ways a permanent residency visa is a bonus.


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Investing in property for the only purpose of permanent residency is not attractive anymore. Most of the EU countries have introduced Citizenship programmes through investment in government bonds, asset management and etc. For example, the permanent residency of Bulgaria is obtained after an investment of 312, 000 euros while the Citizenship is obtained by investing 512, 000 euros. The difference is 200, 000 euros but still it does not make a major impact for the foreign nationals.

This is my personal experience with investors.