Would you buy a property without visiting the premises?



The coronavirus has prompted discussions regarding remote working from home and other services which reduce physical contact. There has even been talk of more investors acquiring property without physically visiting the premises. Is this something you would feel comfortable with? Or are you an old-fashioned investor who likes to see with your own eyes what you are buying?


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I do not think os this can be a better idea, I would prefer to have a look. In fact these days I am in search apartment for sale in Karachi. Anyone here can help out with this? Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Of course I hope that this will come to an end soon and somehow life can go back to normal... But I think, the best we can do in the moment is to adapt to this special form of living. There have been so many interesting solutions to handle social distancing in the different industries. Of course I prefer to really go there personally, to see and feel what i'm going to buy, but technical revolution gives us some interesting possibilities to handle this - for example with Virtual Reality.


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Personally, I would go and have a look at the premises, the condition and everything or another option you can go with the property inspection as it will help to reveal any necessary problems before making a huge investment.


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Not really. I don't invest until I have seen the property by myself.

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I take social distancing very seriously but I would never buy a property without seeing it with my own two eyes first. It's not just a question of being old-fashioned in my opinion, but relying only on digital information such as pictures or even videos can be misleading, especially if you want to check out the surroundings of the property as well.


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I personally like to visit the place before putting anything down on it. But during this pandemic, I think RE agents, buyers, and sellers can be a little more creative to really present the property. Don't get me wrong, I still think that on-person viewing is the best but there are some people who are really adamant about selling/buying.

I hope people tried video calling or a video of the RE agents walking around the house.


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The situation is definitely understandable but of course, seeing it in person is better. Personally, I wouldn't do it though.