Would you buy a property after only viewing on the Internet?

Discussion in 'Property Investment Strategies' started by totallyproperty, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. totallyproperty

    totallyproperty Administrator Staff Member

    The Internet has opened up a whole different world for real estate investors and many properties now appear on the Internet with an array of photographs and very often in-house videos. However, would you buy a property after only viewing on the Internet or do you still believe it is vital to visit the property?

    Personally, I think it is very dangerous to buy a property without actually visiting not only the property itself but the area. What do you think?
  2. EllieSw

    EllieSw New Member

    I really don't think i'd be comfortable only viewing it over the internet - would have to visit at least once.
  3. Nick_Stephens

    Nick_Stephens New Member

    The InterNET is a powerful too for buying a property. You just have to know how to use it. SKYPE is a very powerful tool in our arsenal. I have used it to show my out of region clients the houses in REAL TIME via my phone to show what they're buying. That's just one option.
  4. RuthStriplin58

    RuthStriplin58 New Member

    No, I think would have to visit at least once.
  5. I don't I will. To me property buying requires the need to check out the site and really see it for yourself. That way, you can correctly assess whether this property is a good buy or not.

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  6. bruynjustin

    bruynjustin New Member

    Presentation Fools you

    Yes it is absolutely not advisable to just see the images on web of the property and pay them for the property. These days it is very easy to create 3D images and the (moderated)and they fell into the trap.

    So be careful in examining the property before buying. Go great with real estate investment.
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  7. ursuccess

    ursuccess New Member

    Definitely not. I will have to see myself to fully assess the property.
  8. customhome

    customhome New Member

    No, its not a great deal........
  9. Mary Mathew

    Mary Mathew New Member

    I would also like to say that visiting property before any final deal should be best.
  10. AshleyJohnson

    AshleyJohnson Banned

    Property buying requires the need to check out the site . The visiting property before any final deal should be best.
  11. JenniferKelly

    JenniferKelly New Member

    No one would prefer to buy property only by seeing it on the Internet. One need to personally visit and analyze the property and then should take a wise decision whether they should buy it or not.
  12. rohansh89

    rohansh89 New Member

    No, I think would have to visit at least once.
  13. J-Nevil

    J-Nevil Member

    No I would definitely have to visit as well to check everything is in order before I decide on whether or not to buy.
  14. Yes internet help with you to buy property because mostly real estate company updated internet and show all services then easy to buy home vie internet and get good agent.
  15. Marrielle

    Marrielle New Member

    Nope, maybe I visit the property first and when I see that I like it, maybe I would buy it. :)
  16. Barny

    Barny Member

    If I was looking to purchase as a residential then a viewing is a must, along with a second and third viewing at different times of day if possible as if viewing in the evening / dark, you may miss vital cracks, etc that aren't easy to hid in the normal light.

    With regards to a buy to let property, I would generally always prefer to view the property and not go just by the online photos / videos, but a good way to gauge the property would be to ask the selling agent if they do lettings and if so what would need to be done for themselves to market it. If they mumble or give an indirect answer to try to deter you from them, which realistically any company should never pass away new customers, that would clearly indicate that there may be an
    issue with the property.

    Also, prior to making an offer, you are well within your rights to have another letting agent view the property on your behalf and as above, have them give their verdict on it and again, they would then feed back information that you would need to know, ie, there's no central heating or all doors have been removed, etc.

    I'd only consider "blind buying" if the property in question was at a rock bottom, bargain price and I'd had positive feedback from another agent and not just that of the selling agent.
  17. marcelino79

    marcelino79 New Member

    The internet it's only for introducing, and provide infos (price, ctc person, etc) and for the next we have to see the property by our selves.
  18. michaelallion

    michaelallion New Member

    Well, the Internet is the great medium for exploring in depth what you exactly want. But, while it comes selling, buying a property or looking for a property for sale its quite risky. There are so many circumstances where you may get some misguidance or unwanted situations just seeing a property in Internet. So it's better to go on-site and check by yourself each and everything in deeply.
  19. No, I think yous should visit the property first.
  20. Ahmmed Alomar

    Ahmmed Alomar Member


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