World Property Values Dropping..why will Brazil increase?

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7K GBP? I'm sorry Ady, but I live in Aracaju, which has property prices that arrive nowhere near the likes of Salvador, Natal, Fortaleza, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, etc, and for 20,000 reais (that's 7K GBP basically),you can't buy a used Fiat Uno, let alone a decent lot. Now if you're talking about a 500 meter squared lot in the middle of nowhere with no basic infrastructure whatsover......I can sell you thousands of those for 20,000 reais, but that's a different matter alltogether as far as investments, or building a house with running water and electricity are concerned.
I have to agree strongly with Ralph on this.

Another question you might ask is how much of your £7k goes to the agent? I am not sure about the project you are talking about here, but a lot of the low value plot projects that I am offered don't add up to a good deal for the buyer.



Europe is in a huge crisis and Brazil also has its crisis.Prices have risen,it has made it more expensive for the overseas investor,we have many property scams going on and gone bust all along the coasts,so research here 1st !
This might answer some of your questions regarding the affect of the credit crisis on Brazil:

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Regarding the thomson pullout, I still only hear the same thing from their head office, mainly that first choice will most likely fly to Natal instead.
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