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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by djaan, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. M3Master

    M3Master New Member

    i know this thread is very old but was anyone able to have any success fighting ACI via the courts/RERA? very interested to know if anyone actually had a positive outcome in legal battles in dubai.
  2. WOA

    WOA New Member


    ACI are all but dead. Anything not built will be cancelled by RERA. Anything not finished most likely never will be finished. legislation in this country will allow ACI to walk away with all your money and not be prosecuted.
  3. Public Announcement No. 1 "The Petition"

    Dear CoA's Investors,

    We have drafted a petition to be submitted to the relevant UAE authorities. The Petition is now online and available at The CAIG's blog. If any of you, are interested to be aware of the content, the authorities that we are going to send the petition to, and wishes to sign it, please send me an email to [email protected]. Also your comments on any part of the petition are highly appreciated.

    I know it's the end of the year and you might be busy with too many different things. But this is one of the important steps we need to take. We hold on to the petition till the end of December 2011 and plan to submit it to the UAE authorities beginning 2012. We've tracked down the related governmental and private authorities and organizations and will contact them one by one. If we don't receive proper responses from the authorities or IMG wasn't willing to refund our investments after all; we'll commence trying our other alternatives.

    IMG must be aware that after this juncture and if we set our feet on this way; things are going to happen very fast and an ominous storm is expected on their business sky. We’re not going to BACK DOWN! They simply must've known that we were not going to just sit and let them take our life savings!, even if we had to write to the whole world.

    For your more information, in order to inform as many investors as possible, we have opened/completed similar accounts:
    City of Arabia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Updated with correct information)

    PS: There are several other global online communities, in which will be our next stations.

    At the time being, I'm seeking advices of several major Medias in the UK, US and Dubai to see how we can draw media attentions to our problems. On the other hand, I've been contacted by a very famous online news agency for a possible interview some time in Jan. 2012. They want to hear our story and to publish it worldwide.

    Before that interview to be held, I needed to consult with you first. Likewise, I should update myself with the pertinent information of the different projects in the CoA. I know everything about Metro Tower, as I've purchased several units in there. I know all about my original SPA and the addendum IMG sent us afterwards. But need to receive precise Intel about the current situations of the other investors; the investors, who have purchased properties at Wadi Walk, Wadi Tower & I&M Tower as well as MED's projects.

    I am doing all of the above said alone; I'm glad though. Nonetheless I can really use your help; dear senior members/investors of his forum.

    Thanks and look forward to receiving your emails.

    On behalf of The CAIG

    The CoA’s Victim

    You are welcomed to the private home of The City of Arabia's Investors Group (The CAIG)
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    I have done a lot of digging and I am more than happy to tell you everything I know and what my situation is BUT I think you'll find that many of these developers will be untouchable because there is corruption HIGH and WIDE in all of this.
  5. Sign The Petition Online

    Dear Investors,

    We're sending through the petition to RERA & DLD. Once again I would like you to study and sign the petition ASAP.

    Already 32 people have signed it.

    Each signature makes a difference and counts. We appreciate your support.

    Kind regards,

    On behalf The CAIG
    The Victim

    Email us at: [email protected]
    Meet us at:
    To sign the petition: Click here
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