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Wind Towers II

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by dubai911, May 26, 2008.

  1. dubai911

    dubai911 New Member


    I was looking at Wind Towers II in JLT - the plans look great, but some friends advised against it.
    Does anyone have any infomation about the developers or know why it may have a bad rep in the market?
  2. petelles12

    petelles12 New Member

    developer is The Wind FZ-LLC, an Iranian company. The Wind FZ-LLC.

    They have many investments in Iran, Italy, Qatar; but almost all of them are under construction so still no sound proof of qiality/commitment.
  3. tehran

    tehran New Member

    Some one should ask Dr Azizi , how come he suddenly managed the life style he has now .Perhaps thats why the development is delayed .
  4. Aryan Khan

    Aryan Khan Guest

    Well, Wind properties are atleast have background of construction and have projects all over gulf. In Dubai there are hundreds of developers who never were into development.

    Wind tower is promising to deliver by the end of this year, if delayed may be by the mid of next year. Which make sense. There are developers who promise to delivere in Dec 09 but construction is not started yet. Whom you trust MORE? where will you buy? completion in DEC 09 or Dec 08?

    Anyways i can help you guys get duplexes with no premium with a nice view. Lemme know if interested.

  5. dubai911

    dubai911 New Member

    Thanks Aryan
    But how can you get apartments with No premium?
  6. Aryan Khan

    Aryan Khan Guest

    Because the last stock with me is being sold on original price.
    No premium
    No transfer fee
    2% commission will be charged.

    Thanks and regards

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