Wimbledon As a London Property Hotspot

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    One of Wimbledon’s most crucial feature as a London property investment hotspot is its great access to Central London with overland, tube and tram links.

    Fast trains from Wimbledon into London Waterloo take only 20 minutes and to London Blackfriars in 30 minutes. The tram connects Wimbledon with Croydon. On the Underground, Wimbledon town centre benefits from District Line tube services and South Wimbledon offers Northern Line tube services.


    Figures released by the Land Registry, as well as surveys from Lloyds Bank, have shown that Wimbledon is one of the top choices of residence for workers between ages of 25-44 The district’s balance of cosmopolitan and rural qualities makes it ideal for a young, diverse population. The more affluent side of Wimbledon has made it one of the most expensive residential areas in Britain.


    It is definitely a shopping haven for locals and tourists. There are three shopping areas – Wimbledon Village, Wimbledon High Street and the Centre Court shopping centre. Visitors can also choose from two major department stores in the area, Elys and Debenhams. High end boutiques like Max Mara, Cath Kidston, Joseph, and Whistles & Reiss are also in close proximity. Victorian-style hotels and restaurants have made this area an ideal visitors stop for many tourists both foreign and local.

    Do you agree that Wimbledon is a property hotspot in London? Feel free to chime in.
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    Well, regarding to provided information there is no doubt about Wimbledon as a London property hotspot.

    Thank you for sharing this!
  3. Potentially, however there seem to be other better growth spots in London presenting lower hanging fruit for investors to make substantial returns

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