Will you still buy a property in Dubai?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by sam sloi, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. sam sloi

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    The current property prices are only 28% below 2008 prices. In 2013 property prices raised 22%. With 32 % mortgage (3.2 % *10 years) and 6 % property Land dept. registration and annual service.

    So 40 % above 22% so 62 % compares to 2008. This is definitely Another bubble !! it is expected after expo completed in 2020 due to supply and demand plenty of projects will be completed and vacancy will be minimized.

    I see another crash worse than 2008, do you agree with this statement?
  2. totallyproperty

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    I think the only difference here is that the authorities are suggesting they have learned lessons from the earlier crash and will restrict access to finance if they see the market overheating. Will they actually follow through with their promise of taking a more hands on approach to the Dubai property market?

    Time will tell I guess.....
  3. Angela Davis

    Angela Davis Banned

    Completely agreed with you. :wow:

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