Will staycation holidays catch on?

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I saw some recent posts regarding holiday lets in Scotland and the challenges the industry is facing. What does everybody think about staycation holidays growing in popularity in the UK as a consequence of the virus? Or will we simply fall back into our old ways?


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I think this year (obviously) and maybe next year then be business as normal. My caravan site have had 67 new owners in less than 4 weeks! (One lot are my parents but they dont count as we already have a van haha) the site normally has 50 sale in a year max. They are having to rearrange the site because of it. I worry that some people have bought and not really thought about it, its a lot of money owning a caravan (static) and shouldnt be taken lightly, especially if renting out, im a wreck when i return as i worry about damage ocurrred as a lot do not care, as they think well (company) own it so they can afford it bot realising a lot are privately owned and let by the company (the theft is what gets me the most! but we are going off track) and when declared safe they will try to sell up.


Interesting, what kind of rental rates do you get for a caravan? I do laugh when people say caravan because the modern day caravan is more like a static home.