Will property in Northern Ireland become an entry point into Europe?



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While there is talk of a Brexit deal before the end of the year, whether or not this does happen, is Northern Ireland set to become an unofficial entry point into Europe? Should we be focusing more attention on the Northern Ireland property market?


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For some reason Northern Ireland has become the linchpin of any potential Brexit deal between the UK and the European Union. In some ways this is a little bizarre because all comment about the Good Friday agreement is suggesting the European Union had something to do with this. The reality is that the US was behind the Good Friday agreement with the support of the UK government. So, why is Northern Ireland been used as a pawn?

Is it time to look at property in Northern Ireland?


There is no way on earth Theresa May would get a different Brexit deal for Northern Ireland through parliament even if she wanted to! She depends on the support of the DUP to keep her government in power. I also wonder why the EU feels that the UK needs to "fix" the problem of a border between Northern Ireland and the south. How is this purely the UK's problem?


I read somewhere that the EU want to keep giving "financial support" to Northern Ireland to help with the peace plan. Bodies like the EU do not give away money to "foreign lands" without trying to exert some control. Be careful of strangers bearing gifts :)