Will January 2021 turn out to be the peak of the UK property market?



Forecasting the short-term direction of the UK property market is difficult, let alone looking medium to longer term. So far the UK property market has astounded many critics who (again) have been predicting a collapse in prices. We seem to remember the same critics forecasting the collapse after the Brexit vote? However, when the UK government hands over £1000 to employers maintaining the employment of each individual employee through furlough, could this prompt the top of the UK property market?

Maybe not. There is strong support for UK property at the moment both domestically and internationally. However dire the Brexit situation appears at the moment it can only get better?


To be honest nobody has a clue what's going to happen but if you put your statistics head on, surely UK property is starting to look decent value, especially the private rental market where prices have already been impacted. Pick and choose your investments but with a decent backbone of rental income surely there must be long-term potential for significant returns.


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With the Brexit shadow, it is difficult to predict how the property market will behave in UK