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Why no Finland thread?

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by DSR Media, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. DSR Media

    DSR Media New Member

    I am surprised by the lack of a Finland thread, well actually a Lapland thread, in this emerging markets section.

    Lapland is one of the most promising emerging markets, and one of the EU's best to make a property investment:

    Prices will grow between 250 and 300% in the next ten years, and in popular places like the foot of the downhill slopes of Levi ski resort (where they hold the alpine skiing world cup) people can safely expect rental yields of between 8 and 10%.

    Levi is the only ski resort in the EU that can guarantee at least six months of excellent skiing conditions per year. And the resort is surrounded many other activities, including a golf course, husky dog-pulled-sled rides, reindeer rides at Christmas, hot air balloon rides, fishing (ice-fishing in winter) in Levi lake, and just soaking up the beauty and tranquility of the surroundings.

    Right by the bottom of the southern Levi ski slopes is a small holiday village, comprising of the Aurora Sky hotel and a few individual apartment complexes, as well as a retail complex. This small holiday village is surrounded by vast beautiful landscapes, and the apartments have views up the ski slopes on one side, across the landscape to the beautiful Yllas Mountains on the other, and nothing but glorious landscapes all around.

    David Stanley Redfern Ltd is the exclusive UK agent for the Aurora Sky hotel, and you can find out more at: Investment Property Finland | Finland Property | Real Estate

    For those who perked up when I said there was a golf-course nearby, there are still two apartments left in the Snow White golf hotel, round at the foot of the Northeast Levi slopes, and a lot closer to the world class eighteen hole golf course. Full details at: Overseas Investment Property Specialists - David Stanley Redfern Limited
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  2. oliverbradshaw

    oliverbradshaw New Member

    I hear finland is very safe investment for investors? Do you know anything more about this?

  3. DSR Media

    DSR Media New Member

    Yes, it is an extremely safe market to invest in.

    Under Finnish law, deposits and all installements paid on off-plan developments must be held in an escrow fund until the buyer receives their keys and signs the deeds, if the buyer changes their mind, or if work on the development stops for any reason before this point they are entitled by law to a full refund, minus an administration fee of approximately 2%.

    About the developments I mentioned, Aurora Sky and Snow White Golf Hotel in Levi, I forgot to mention that all apartments in both developments come fully furnished, including a wide-screen TV and home enterrtainment system. Also standard is a double shower, and sauna in every single apartment.

    Given the rising popularity of skiing and adventure holidays, as well as the guaranteed rental yields on these properties, they are not only safe, but extremely profitable investments, over the short or long term, and fantastic holiday homes to boot.

    Liam Bailey
    Head of International Research
    David Stanley Redfern Ltd
    Overseas Investment Property | Property Abroad | Real Estate
  4. Anton

    Anton New Member

    I know the market in Helsinki for long time.It is safe the to investe and also it easy to rent out all year.Only think is that you will have to pay TAX on everythink.
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