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Natural, Cultural and Economic Factors

• Stunning beaches and climate make it a very popular and well tested holiday destination.
• Turkish summers are a lot longer than many other EU destinations offering more hours of sunshine per annum.
• Turkey has a huge population of 70+ million. This creates a strong internal property market meaning investors are not reliant on international investors for resales.
• Turkish population growth is around 2% per annum with 70% of the population younger than 30, this creates a strong local market.
• Life in Turkey is easy and inexpensive. Low cost of living and long summers make it a favorite retirement spot for the Europeans.
• The Turkish economy is very strong with 5.5% GDP growth in 2005
• Over 25 million tourists visit Turkey each year boosting the property market and creating strong buy-to-let possibilities
• Turkey is considered to be a highly dynamic country by the World Trade organisation

Property in Turkey - www.onsa-property.com/why_turkey.html


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Three TOP reasons why to invest in Turkey

1. While International Property Investment commentators have been condemning the poor performance of £ sterling and the effect this has on investment, there is a currency that has performed even worse - The New Turkish Lira.

Today (June 2008) the £ will buy 15% more Turkish Lira than it did 6 months ago (25% if you are investing in €uros). You may think that prices advertised in sterling may have gone down, but generally they haven´t - so there´s a bargaining position which many may have overlooked.

2. The recent negative press regarding the can buy/can´t buy/can buy laws that went through the Turkish courts made a number of people apprehensive about investing in Turkey. Therefore the number of enquiries that Turkish developers receive are down, and the more they need to try harder to sell their properties. I reckon that´s worth another 5% discount.

3. The international property investment market as it is today is a rapidly expanding phenonomen. When investors first started looking at Turkey as an investment vehicle, there was not a great deal of competition. Bulgaria was the only other new boy on the block. No body had heard of Cape Verde (let alone knew where it was) and Brazil was a country that produced good footballers. Agents were keen to offer inspection trips for £20 and as the only alternatives for life style buyers were the relatively expensive countries of Spain and Cyprus. Developers were falling over themselves to launch new projects on a monthly basis and for a while it worked. Tell your agent that you are also considering Egypt and Northern Cyprus - that should be worth another 5% discount.

So, 25% already saved and you haven´t got around to asking about the furniture pack yet ...............................


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Turkey Tourism news

İf anyone is looking to save money on furniture, Here is a interesting site,
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Yes there recently is negative press regarding the can buy/cant buy/can buy laws,If they cant find 'Bird Flu' stories, they will find something else,?

25 million tourists visit Turkiye each year boosting the property market Turkey Tourism, Guess all them tourists need something to read,

Put in 'Turkey Tourism news' into Gooogle.the Turkey Herald is ranked Number 6..That sure is brilliant for something that was only launched 6 months ago ..for all your Turkey Travel & Tourism News see Turkey Herald-- Turkey herald online english tourism news for Brits in Turkey turkish forum property in Turkey

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