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Why invest in Portugal now?

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by OwnerInvest, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. OwnerInvest

    OwnerInvest New Member

    Portugal offers a favourable climate, especially for American investors.

    Portugal is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

    Portugal is moving towards democracy and is taking on board the nations that share their political values. Their movement towards democracy will bring social and economic benefits to the Portuguese people.

    Portugal ratified the International Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes. The result is that investment disputes that arise between foreign investors and the Portuguese government may, with the agreement of both parties, be settled by international arbitration rather than in Portuguese courts.

    Portugal has consistently permitted foreign investors unlimited repatriation of profits and capital.

    Portugal's prospective entry into the European Community (EC) creates an opportunity for U.S. private enterprise, which Portugal hopes will provide the technology and management skills necessary to restructure Portuguese enterprises and enable them to compete with their future EC partners.

    Portugal and the United States are always exploring possible negotiations of a treaty to prevent double taxation of the nationals of each country doing business in the other nation.

    Portugal is a prime location with a strong real estate market and high rental yields in popular tourist resort areas. Despite slower growth rates than in previous years, Portugal has held onto its appeal as a tourist and second home or retirement destination and its safe and solid economic climate continue to draw investors looking for stable medium to long term gains.

    Not forgetting the golf courses in Portugal, which attracts many tourists every year.

    Advantages of investing in Portugal
    # One of the lowest costs of living in the EU, though these prices are set to rise as Portugal make changes to its tax policies with the rest of the EU
    # Appealing tourist location and peaceful retirement destination
    # Natural beauty with everything from rivers, cliffs, clean sandy beaches, mountains and championship golf courses
    # Interesting history and cultural heritage with a wealth of tourism potential throughout the country
    # Stability and transparency in the property market place
    # English is widely spoken
    # Large presence of fellow British residents - some 50,000 properties are British owned in the Algarve alone
    # Over 300 days of sunshine per year
    # Lowest crime rate in Europe and stable political climate
    # Construction density limits in the Algarve set at 8%, guaranteeing preservation of the natural environment
    # The largest area covered by golf courses in southern Europe
    # Possible growth rates of around 10% per annum and rental yields of maximum 10% in key locations
    # Shortage of property to supply an ongoing demand in popular resort areas
    # Easy access via budget airlines (2 ½ hours flight from the UK) and an advanced road infrastructure
    # Interesting new markets emerging on the Silver Coast, north of Lisbon, at lower prices than in more traditional locations
    # Founding member of NATO
    # Member of European Monetary Union since 2002
  2. Magellan

    Magellan New Member

    "One of the lowest costs of living in the EU" - that is certainly true
  3. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    all good reasons for living in Portugal, :)
  4. lena green

    lena green New Member

    Hi Guys, all good stuff and fabulous benefits but if we want to attract the people to live here, its no use telling them, we need to be selling them.

    ‘Build it and they will come’ is a fine field of dreams but there’s more to it than that.
    This bulletin board is just one media to attract but there are hundreds of others, shows, Mags, TV, radio, agents, and more Internet use. It goes on and on.

    …And all that needs money. The sad part about this is that the Government have the money, its just not being used right. The Government needs to look at a professional selling team to get out there and make it work, as they will not come unless they are sold to.
    Ever bought double glazing?….did you need it, did you want it, doubt, but you bought it and right now Everest and Anglian windows are still in business since way back in `65. Right attitude, sell, sell, sell.

    So, are we going to wait for them to knock on our doors (passive sales) or are we going to go and knock their doors down !!

    See you all at Excel on the 19th !!
  5. OwnerInvest

    OwnerInvest New Member

    Hi Lena

    Excel on the 19th? Can you send me a link to this, I assume this is some kind of Expo?

    I think we might have missed entry into this - which is a damn shame

  6. lena green

    lena green New Member

    You'll find it here

    log onto 'events in september'

    If you miss it, go to Fatacil instead, I can arrange thatt for you if you want, I have acontact in the Portugal-News
  7. OwnerInvest

    OwnerInvest New Member

    Thanks Lena

    I thought it might have been in Portugal, we don't have time to organise that, we have been too busy with other business transactions, this one we missed!

    Factacil, I would like some further information on this if you have it please

    Thanks :)
  8. lena green

    lena green New Member

    you'll find info on Fatacil here
  9. OwnerInvest

    OwnerInvest New Member

    Portugal News

    Hi Lena

    Thanks for the links, I think we should add this to our website so our investors can favourite this link also.

    You are a little gem :)
  10. lena green

    lena green New Member

    type 'fatacil' in the top right search box
  11. lena green

    lena green New Member

    Yes you are right, I am a little gem, my mum used to tell me that. Now I`m knocking on a bit but filled with a lifetime of useless information, however, occasionally, I do come up with something good. I`m doing the show myself with a little idea I have to revolusion building techniques, we'll see what happens as I'll never know unless I try..........maybe see you there
  12. OwnerInvest

    OwnerInvest New Member

    No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

    Hi Lena

    This is the reply that I got from that link
  13. lena green

    lena green New Member

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