Why are most house viewers such time wasters?


Anne Barden

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We’ve been on the market now since 12/2017 and on our second agent now, and still we get people viewing who quite obviously have not done the following before booking a viewing:-
A. Done simple drive by to see if they still like the look of the place in the flesh
B. Looked at google street view
C. Looked at google maps to see the garden and the general vicinity
D. Looked at the bloody details!
I’m so sick of getting feedback that quite frankly states that they didn’t investigate the property before booking the viewing, wasting my time, their time, the agents time.
I can’t really see what value an agent gives if they dont filter out the wheat from the chaff.
We did get an offer about one month ago, but the buyer rescinded his offer whilst putting in an offer on another place then coming back to us and gazundering his previous offer, you can guess what we told him to do with that!
Still onwards and upwards, there’s always the option of putting our own board up, that worked for us before in the late 80s when the market was similarly depressed.
Any thoughts out there?


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It sounds to me as though you should look at changing agents. Have you thought of an open day at your home? Get as many potential buyers in the same room as possible - sometimes helps to focus their minds and prompt an offer or two.

Alternatively, is your price over valued compared to others in the street? Does it have curb appeal? Are there any small tweaks and improvements you could do to prompt more interest?

I know you will have thought these through already but never wrong to go back over them and maybe discuss them in more detail on the forum?


While I appreciate the UK property market is going through a difficult period at the moment, I can only assume that either your property is overvalued compared to others in the area or demand is subdued. To have a property on the market for nine months and only receive one offer means something is wrong. Maybe speak to different agent who may have a different approach to selling your property?


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Sorry to hear that things are not working out for you. Maybe do a reconnaissance mission around your neighbourhood to see which properties are for sale and what prices they are advertised at. Something is wrong here.


Surely it is the job of the agent to filter the tyre kickers from those who are serious buyers?

I can see a point where a small upfront payment is required to put off time wasters.