Who owns which fence based on form TA6?



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Hi all.
Am a bit confused by the content of my form TA6 and I just noticed this months after moving in. A section of the fence on the right side of the back garden collapsed into my side of the property. Just checking before I go ask the neighbors to fix. Although I have asked and people told me the left side is mine to fix

. I am a bit confused by the TA6 form content which states as follows:

Looking towards the property from the road, who owns or accepts responsibility to maintain or repair the boundary features:
(a) on the left? [Neighbor]
(b) on the right? [Neighbor]
(c) at the rear? [Seller]
(d) at the rear [Seller]

Does the above mean I am responsible for maintaining both the left and right side of the rear (back garden) fences?
I am the Seller in the above.

I have attached a cutout of the TA6 form where responsibilities of hedge maintenance are mapped out.
I have also attached an image to show which fence collapsed in the second image. Red x in the image

Please opinions needed?




Surely the fence comes under boundary features? The left and right would appear to be your neighbours responsibility? Or am I reading that wrong?


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First off I am confused by the document. Which fences are my responsibility?


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Have you reached out to the neighbor to see if they are willing to help with the repairs?


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It sounds like you may be responsible for maintaining both the left and right sides of the rear fence, based on the information on the TA6 form. However, it's always best to check with your neighbors to see if they are also responsible for any portion of the fence. It's also possible that the Seller is responsible for maintaining the entire rear fence, so you may want to check with them. An easy solution would be to get some screens from https://www.luxuryscreens.co.uk to cover the fence. Easy, fast, and cheap.
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