Who owns which fence based on form TA6?



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Hi all.
Am a bit confused by the content of my form TA6 and I just noticed this months after moving in. A section of the fence on the right side of the back garden collapsed into my side of the property. Just checking before I go ask the neighbors to fix. Although I have asked and people told me the left side is mine to fix

. I am a bit confused by the TA6 form content which states as follows:

Looking towards the property from the road, who owns or accepts responsibility to maintain or repair the boundary features:
(a) on the left? [Neighbor]
(b) on the right? [Neighbor]
(c) at the rear? [Seller]
(d) at the rear [Seller]

Does the above mean I am responsible for maintaining both the left and right side of the rear (back garden) fences?
I am the Seller in the above.

I have attached a cutout of the TA6 form where responsibilities of hedge maintenance are mapped out.
I have also attached an image to show which fence collapsed in the second image. Red x in the image

Please opinions needed?




Surely the fence comes under boundary features? The left and right would appear to be your neighbours responsibility? Or am I reading that wrong?


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First off I am confused by the document. Which fences are my responsibility?