Who is happy to invest in African Property?

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by chris-sussex, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. chris-sussex

    chris-sussex New Member

    Who would be happy to invest in property in Africa? (not including south africa)
  2. maryosawa

    maryosawa New Member

    If there's money to make who wouldn't be happy right?
  3. zanzibar

    zanzibar New Member

    Billions of dollars are being pumped into african real estate at the moment. Countries like Tanzania, Kenya and Zanzibar are seeing huge investment, especially on property related to the tourism industry.

    Zanzibar in particular is seeing a real estate boom - it's a tropical island off the coast of Tanzania which has beaches that are regularly voted among the best in the world. New projects from the likes of Kempinski, Essque and so on are investing upwards of 3 million Euros on projects here.

    The government is also about to pass the condominium act, which will make it a lot easier for foreign investors to buy property.

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