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Who are the best developers in Abu Dhabi?

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Sally1980, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Sally1980

    Sally1980 New Member

    Having focused on the Dubai market, I blieve I have missed some great oppertunities in the Abu Dhabi property market. I would like to have some info about the market in Abu Dhabi, from fellow Abu Dhabi specialist...

    Who are the best developers in Abu Dhabi, who are the Emaar's, Nakheel's?

    Which developers have the BEST RESALE possibilities (are hot) in the market?

    Are payment plans as 10% now, 10% in 6 months, 10% other 6 months and 70% on completion, or 20/80 payment plans normal in Abu Dhabi?

    I have an offer in Reem Island from Al Qudra in the Shades project and from Al Odaid in Al Odaid Beach Residences, (with attractive paymentplans 10% now,10% 6 mnt, 10% 6mnt, 30% completion) And would like to know if these projects offer good return potential? Are easy to re-sale?


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  2. nicefriend

    nicefriend New Member

    sorouh and al dar are best in abu dhabi , i guess
  3. Cyrian

    Cyrian New Member

    Abu Dhabi developers

    Aldars is the biggest developer but they have had to sell projects like Yas Island to the Abu Dhabi Government (in March this year for over 13 billion US$)so may be under some liquidity pressure like the Dubai Developers - although 13billion must have helped balance the books.
    For a map of which developers control which Abu Dhabi master projects go to<snip>
  4. shoeb

    shoeb New Member

    i don't have any expert idea but i must say i have heard many times about Emaar's, Nakheel's on news and their big project also, i think it all depend how you make satisfy your customer because they can make you big and famous.
  5. AnilaRashid

    AnilaRashid New Member

    Well i usually get information from Binayah aas they are very informative. Search that if you can find any.
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