White Bay Development Umm Al Quwain - Beachside Apartments

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by laurence, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. laurence

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    White Bay Development Umm Al Quwain - Beachside Apartments, Dunes, Tides & Waves

    Hello everyone

    I would like to know people's views on the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain - it has not really had any coverage as yet on this forum.

    I have invested in an apartment in the Dunes Tides and Waves (Beachside) apartments. There have been delays with the development so far, first phase was set for completion June/November 2009 which is now set for a new completion date yet to be confirmed .

    I would be happy to hear from anyone else who has invested in Beachside Apartments or other constructions in White Bay and their views of the future of this Emirate with regard to development. I also note that Umm Al Quwain has had problems with utilities i.e. water and electricity, which affected the Al Salam City development does anyone know if this problem is affecting the White Bay project or has this problem been rectified yet?
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  2. laurence

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    Is anybody out there??? Anyone?? Come on guys there must be someone who has invested in the White Bay Development or could it be there's something you all know that I dont???
  3. laurence

    laurence New Member

    Well I'll take the prolonged silence as a definite YES to my last question!!

    Struth, it's like pulling teeth!! I'm going to take a flight out there soon and find out for myself. Cheers - Bye
  4. laurence

    laurence New Member

    Well unfortunatley cannot get out to UAE until the end of the year so I am not going to properly know whats going on until then!

    If anyone does have any information regarding the Dunes, Tides and Waves Beachside apartments and any progress updates on this development I would be very glad to hear from you. Emirates Sunland Group, you are more than welcome to post!

    All I know at this stage is that a delay is holding up construction and thats about it! So seriously if anyone has some knowledge to impart I would be very happy to hear from you!

    Its very lonely on this thread talking to myself and not making any headway!!:confused:
  5. Ajmanprop

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    I don't know anything about UAQ - or the project you mention. Having said that, pls take a look at the following link. There seems to be an active discussion - including about The First Group, Emirates Sunland.

    #PROJECT-Umm Al Quwain: WHITE BAY - Page 3 - SkyscraperCity

    Goodluck, hope this helps
  6. laurence

    laurence New Member


    Have just checked out the site plenty of info thanks a million Ajmanprop!!:)
  7. Dr Dubai

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    White Bay Project

    Hi there,

    I also bought a property at White Bay, Duneside project. I have read your messages and have same problem of not knowing whats happening there. Do you have any update?

  8. laurence

    laurence New Member

    Hi Dr Dubai,

    Many thanks for posting, no one seems to want to contribute to this thread.

    Unfortunatly, do not have any update apart from the development is delayed because of some dispute over the land for the beachside development. I think the rest of White Bay is ok to to go, but I think some dispute over the the land where beachside apartmetnts Dunes, Tides and Waves is supposed to be built. I am trying to find out as much information as I can but not much luck so far.

    Do you live in Dubai,? only I reside in UK and cannot find out much information as to the real problem here. Please post back and let me know and perhaps we can work togehter to find out whats going on. I would really appreciate your help.
    I am going to UAE towards the end of the year and hopefully can get some feedback then. Any info would be greatly appreciated.:)
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  9. Dr Dubai

    Dr Dubai New Member

    Hi Laurence,

    No I too live in UK. I was told that the delays are due to some water and utilities planning and not about the land dispute. This means that they were trying to sell something which they never owned? Please through some light on the matter.
    I will also try to contact First Group over the weekend to find out what exactly is happening. I will also contact few friends who live in Dubai to find out about the Dunes project. If you have specific questions, then let me know I will ask my friends and First Group and will let you know if I can make any sense.


    Dr Dubai
  10. Artistic

    Artistic New Member

    White Bay Project

    Hi all white Bay Investors.....I have a story to tell about Sunland and Al Murjan Real Estate.
    In April 2007 we purchased a villa from Emirates Sunland group who were the agents for Al Murjan Real Estate LLC the project was White Bay Umm Al Quwain...all advertising was done under Emirates Sunland group the developers of the first Versace Hotel, we did our research and trusted this Company putting down our first 10% of the purchase price of a villa due to be handed over in December 2008, our contract was drawn up and we found that Al Murjan Real Estate were the actual developers and Sunland were the agents... We were to pay our checks directly to Al Mujan Real Estate, we have now paid our required 50% before completion with our last 10% being re-scheduled owing to the fact that we did not have financing in place as promised by Numerous Sunland Sales staff (verbally when we purchased, and each month thereafter ). This project is only just under way and is just at the beginning ie just foundation work complete.
    Our contract states that if the developer is delayed by 6 months we are entitled to all of our money back without interest but if we default then the Developer is entitled to keep 30% of the purchase price. We re- sheduled our last two payments as agreed with the Developer through emails to Emirates Sunland group and post dated checks.
    July 1st 2009 is the date the developer will be 6 months behind the initial handover date we have in our signed contract and the project is not even 10% completed at the moment. We have now been presented by a lawer acting on the Developers behalf an Adendum stating we are in de-fault and owing to this we have to sign an ammendment to the initial contract stating that the handover date will now be one year later and that the 6 month extra time will be changed to 12 months. We have refused to sign this new contract because we will have paid 50% total by May 2009 they have our last post dated checks as agreed by them dating end of April and finalizing in May. Can you please tell me what my rights are and if Rera covers Umm Al Quwain and if not then where can I go to find legal advise.

    Still no financing in place for the final 50% and no sign of being able to get a mortgage for this development.

    I am British and have lived in Dubai for 7 years, I have visited the whitebay project numerous times to find only the foundation work to be started, I have no joy when trying to get my questions answered about financing only to be told time after time that they are having meetings with banks to try to get something in place in time for completion.
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  11. laurence

    laurence New Member

    Hi Dr Dubai

    From what little I know the main problem is to do with a change to the Master Plan by the Master Developers. Why this change has happened I do not honestly know - I have a feeling it is to incorporate another development but I am not certain on this point (hence dispute over the land) and again not certain on this point either, but I think it only affects the Dunes Tides and Waves. Sorry to be so vague but I'm just trying to link the little bits of information I have been given together with my own research to form a picture but this information may be flawed. Utilities may also be a problem but a change to the Master Plan is the key to the problem and what I have been told by The First Group. :confused:

    It would be brilliant if you could ask your friends in Dubai to do some research for us! Thats if they dont mind - may need one of your friends going to Umm Al Quwain and asking the developers on site when they are going to start cosntruction on Dunes apatment block.

    The questions I would like to ask are:-

    When is construction going to start on Dunes, Tides and Waves?

    What is the new completion date, or anticipated completion date?

    When are the apartments likely to be ready to be let out so we can start getting an income on Wealthbuilder programme?

    Thanks in advance Dr Dubai. If I find out anything more I will let you know.

    Perhaps you can thank your friends (for any info they can get) on my behalf as well!:)
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  12. laurence

    laurence New Member

    White Bay Umm Al Quwain

    Hi Artistic - thanks for posting.

    I also thought that Emirates Sunland Group were the developers for White Bay - this whole thing is so confusing it transpires as you say that Al Murjan are the Master Developers.

    The contract I have with The First Group for Beachside is structured differently with a different pay plan whereby 26% is payable on completion of the unit. I take it yours is direct with Emirates Sunland Group but you mention cheques being made out to Al Murjan.

    Dont know about RERA covering Umm Al Quwain carn't find a direct link between Umm Al Quwain and RERA. I have attached a couple of links which may be helpful not sure how relevant though. However, is it whether the developers are registered with RERA and not necessarily the Emirate??

    Rera moves to clean up realty

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  13. Ajmanprop

    Ajmanprop New Member

    I don't know much about UAQ & this project - but can comment on the following;

    RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) is limited to Dubai.
    ARRA (Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Authority) covers Ajman.
    RAK (gave some powers to RAK Investment Authority)

    There may be others. They are talking about some laws at the Federal level, but don't expect anything anytime soon.

    See the attached article:
    Bringing property laws under one roof is a tricky proposition - The National Newspaper

    Per the article - there may be some general "Federal" commercial laws that may be of help.

    Legal fees in the UAE are extremely expensive - rates of US$400-500/hr are common. In addition, court filing fees can range as high as 30K AED... or 7.5% of the disputed amount + lawyers fees (expect 50K-100K to get started).

    Artistic: Most law firms - Dubai based at least - initial consultation should be free - so you may want to try approaching a few. I would stay away from any that need large upfront funds just to look at the materials and let you know if you have a valid dispute.

    Frankly - in the absence of laws, courts & cases - your best bet is to locate as many other buyers as possible, present a unified demand to the developer, and publicity helps - especially against developers that have multiple projects, reputations to protect.

    For some of you that are UK based, it may be worth considering any remedies via UK agencies - eg. if the developer/agent has an office there.... truth in advertising commission etc...or from what I saw on another thread, a group of buyers were trying to get Downing street involvement (esp. in cases where developers were absconding).

    For what its worth.... I am in the same boat in a different emirate.

    PS - Be careful of the post dated cheques - the laws surrounding those are very medieval.
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  14. Artistic

    Artistic New Member

    Thank you to both Ajmanprop and Lawrence, for the response. I will do some more research into things especially with free consultations just to see where I stand. My payment plan was 10% every 4 months untill 50% was paid then 50% on completion....I bought right at the beginning pre launch price and managed to scoop a 3,700 ft villa beachside for 1,7 million Dh exchange rate at the time made this a steal at 245 thousand Pounds similar price to houses in England for a smaller square footage and this one is on the beach, so if it all does get built I will be so happy as I bought this home to live in and enjoy. The longer it takes now that I have paid the 50% I have nothing to pay untill handover which could stretch to over two more years.....I do have a new date of completion July 2010 with a 12 month clause so it legally could be July 1011 before I can try to get my money back if I sign the addendum but my problem is whether legally I have to sign owing to the fact that I did delay my last payment as I was struggling to find the last 10%. so If anyone reads this can tell me if I will need to sign it...I personally would rather have longer to raise the last 50% as it seems mortgages are just so hard to get for that Emirate anyway but my Husband will not sign the contract as only the foundations are complete and he feels we would be better using the initial contract completion date of July 2009 to try to retrieve our money. I understand i have to honour the post dated checks given as I know of people being jailed here for bouncing a check....we are struggling to honour these last two post dated checks for April May but we will do this as we could lose everything if we don't.
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  15. Ajmanprop

    Ajmanprop New Member

    Definitely from a price standpoint - your purchase price sounds like a no-brainer. Too bad none of us took the regulatory (or lack thereof) risk into account.

    Sounds like since you've paid the 50%, and there is no way for them to come after you for the remainder until handover - therefore signing does not (seem to) add to your risk. In addition, closer to completion, your ability to sell, or even secure a mortgage increases tremendously.

    Understand your husband's viewpoint.... the chance you are taking by not signing - is that they may unilaterally cancel, and perhaps just issue you an IOU for amounts paid to date .... which unless it is a cheque, would require all of the court expenses to go and collect.

    Anyway, let the lawyer advice you.

    By the way, before you send all the details to a prospective lawyer - just make sure that they have no conflict of interest by letting them know your developers name, project.

    If you search the forums here - you'll find some threads recommending lawyers. In addition, try the following:
    - Habib Al Mulla & Co.

    I used a law firm to send a letter to the developer - asking them to not cash cheques into a non escrow account. The Law Firm didn't write any better than I did - but their letter head made all the difference and the developer responded immediately and in the positive.

    The second time I am using a law firm is to cancel the same transaction. Even if we follow the contract - including my forfeiting AED 175,000 or 50% of amounts paid - a lot of items are left open ended - and so I am using the law firm to draft up an agreement outlining what each side needs to fulfill to terminate. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have bothered - but don't want to leave anything to chance - esp. the return of Post Dated Cheques.

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  16. Ajmanprop

    Ajmanprop New Member

    Just to follow up on my comment above:
    Even if you cancel the purchase (at your initiation, or the developers), make sure you don't give up your rights, before actually collecting the refund in full.

    Take a look at the thread below.
    #PROJECT-Umm Al Quwain: AL SALAM CITY - Page 41 - SkyscraperCity

    This is for Al Salam City in UAQ by Tameer (a Dubai based developer). The project itself was cancelled by the developer ~Feb/March 2008....and people are still waiting for their money a full year later.
  17. Artistic

    Artistic New Member

    I have just responded to a De-Fault letter issued to us to try to make us sign the new addendum to initial contract so we cannot try to get our money back without interest if the Developers do not adhere to the contract. I will post the reply on here if I get one tomorrow. Legally we have untill 5th May to sign or they have threatened to cancel the contract and keep 30% of the purchase price being about 70,000DH. I do know that they have to first go to the land Department to notify them and then in turn the land department issues the purchaser with a 30 day notice to fulfil there obligations.....I have my post dated check receipts signed and dated when received by Al Murjan Real Estate so I don't think they have any grounds to cancel contract at this stage.
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  18. laurence

    laurence New Member

    Hi Everyone

    Just thought I'd post to see if any news is available re Beachside. I haven't got much to report apart from a phone call from The First Group, (their new London office) explaining that there are still delays on construction of Dunes, Tides and Waves and to see if I was interested in any of their other developments, namely Yasmin in RAK. I still feel that Beachside is the one for me and will wait to see what happens within next month or so.

    If you happen to read this post, Dr Dubai, did you manage to speak to your friends in Dubai or The First Group in Dubai.

    Bye for now!
  19. wta

    wta New Member


    you might want to look for skyscrapercity. There is a conversation going - unfortunately, no-one has any solution but you'll find out quite a lot and together there will be a reasonable group to try to find out what exactly is going on.
    I can't put the link as I haven't got 5 posts yet, but google white bay beachside and the link will come up. It is another place you have to register to post.
  20. doesitmATTER101

    doesitmATTER101 New Member

    Hi Artistic,
    I am an owner of a villa in the white bay project and it feels more like a white elephant as months pass. I too thought the project was by Emirates Sunland which is the main reason for buying into it. I've completed 40% of my payment only to be told i've 3 years till handover. I had a meeting with their representative, and i wanted to sell my villa or have the contract cancelled. they said its not possible unless i give up 30%. They said currently the project is moving very slowly cause Al Murjan is renegotiating their price with the suppliers & are getting quite a hefty discount. But no discount is being passed on to the buyers!
    RERA laws or any other for that matter dont apply. They can do what they like for their benefit, while we're supposed to be punctual in fulfilling our contractual obligations. Otherwise we risk forfeiture.
    They are tackling each investor individually cause they dont want all the investors to know the true picture. I want to know how many investors truly are willing to go ahead with their payments? (al murjan is already doing a head count to see if its viable for them. but at the same time they want to collect as much as they can saying everythings on track..with 'slight' setbacks!). I've been to that area several times & I dont see any improvment in infrastructure. For those of you who arent in the country, the place is still pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Even if the 1st phase completes, you wont see any changes in the surrounding areas. Forget trying to sell it even at cost, no-one will even what this project is all about. Currently there is no advertise in the whole of Dubai about this project, nor any discussion. It seems its going to stay that way. Murjan and Emirates Sunland have made a tidy sum out of these apartments & the 1st island. the 2d island on the map we see might never happen.

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