Which worldwide property market has the most potential in the short to medium term?



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There is no doubt that Donald Trump is causing major issues in the worldwide economy and impacting many national economies. As a consequence of his recent trade tariff increases and fallout with NATO, which worldwide property markets are you focusing on?


Maybe it is time to look to Asia? While Asia will be imapcted by US trade tariff rises in the short term, the position of DT at the moment is just his base negotiating position. I would also keep a very close eye on the UK, for all the concern about Brexit lets not forget that the EU has major problems of its own and a "no deal" with the UK would be a disaster for the EU.


While the sell-off in UK property assets may well be overdone by the time Brexit is finished, this scenario still has some way to go yet. The European situation is difficult to say the least because the main economies are struggling and there are more financial/exchange rate concerns ahead. Personally, I would look to some of the smaller more speculative members of the EU as and when the markets are oversold and we start to see a glimmer of recovery. It is interesting to see countries such as Bulgaria have already started to see an increase in foreign investment. Follow the money!


Historically markets such as Australia and New Zealand have proved to be extremely resilient but if the UK market does take a big hit in the short-term then surely there must be value going forward?

Yes, we know that Brexit is approaching a disaster but let's be honest, the EU is in a far bigger mess than the UK. Scrambling to retain fishing rights for UK waters this has shown the Achilles heel of the EU. So, in the longer term surely there must be some good potential in the UK?