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Which tourism developments offer an extended season but close to UK?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Investy, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    I've learned over the years not to rely on the fickle nature of capital growth, but instead to focus on rental yields.

    I'm looking for my next investment now, and as with my last it must have a likelyhood of achiveing at least 7 months rent per year. Please keep in mind I know people who have bought in Spain that achieve only about 3 months in total.

    I'm not interested in Eastern block tourism - the seasons are too short and there is insufficient state protection / developed laws for when things go wrong.

    As I like to use myself I do not want a city as I have not the slightest interest in any City anywhere.
  2. Janoulaki

    Janoulaki New Member

  3. John

    John New Member

    I actually thought this thread was about Cape Verde when I read the title.

    Seems every agent selling Cape Verde is using a similiar slogan about the extended season close to UK etc etc.
  4. Janoulaki

    Janoulaki New Member

    I am not an agent

    But thought the Cape Verde fits in to specification

  5. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    CV doesnt have enough infrstructure to yield year round rents
  6. Janoulaki

    Janoulaki New Member

    why don't you try Croatia


  7. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    How extended do you need the season to be to get 7 months of rental income?

    You get a few more months in Morocco and Turkey as opposed to Spain - same with Cyprus. Egypt is 12 months a year, but perhaps the 5 hour flight is too far for you.
  8. Mikeyv

    Mikeyv New Member

    I would look at Egypt!!!

    Prices are very low and your rental returns are very advantageous!!!

    Especially if you look at Sahl Hasheesh which has enough appeal to attract tourism year round, along with climate you are onto a win win situation!!!

    some of the things they are building there is emmense!
  9. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Croatia - you are thwe author of an overseas investment guide, yet you think Croatia has a 7m + season? Last time I checked the season there it was May - September.
    Sure, people always say "there is some off season trade" but I find it to be too thin on the ground.

    Morocco I've already invested in.

    Egypt seems to be good advice season wise.
  10. Janoulaki

    Janoulaki New Member

    There is nothing wrong with Croatia. Everybody can have an opinion and by the way it is around 6 months season there. Never mind.

    First I said Cape Verde and you didn't like it. I said Croatia you said that I shouldn't be saying that and now on Morocco you have said that you have invested there already. Egypt is good for you then. No need to criticise anybody's advice.

    Good luck!
  11. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Not critiscism, discussion. We cant all be right and pat one another on the back. A mature discussion should enable participants to tease out which investments are best - they cant all be good, thats non sensical.

    Croatia is not warm enough in winter and as far as I know has no mega resorts with eberything on one site to extend the season.
    Many many Spannish resorts are deserted off season.

    I'm looking for similar to that I already invested in Morocco, but in another country.

    The Saidia Morocco development is the type I'm looking for elsewher so should have ON - SITE (not, 'close to', but on site) these sorts of season extending facilities;

    Multiple gyms (not 1 gym)
    At least 2 golf courses (again on site)
    A beach (on site not down the road)
    Spas and treatment centres
    Several hotels (not just 1) to feed the site with potential future clients
    Mutiple restaurants (not just 2 or 3)
    4 or 5* service and facilities
    Close to UK
    Warm in winter
  12. Janoulaki

    Janoulaki New Member

    what is close for you 4 , 5, 6 hours?
  13. korin

    korin New Member

    Why don't you think about TURKEY???For example Didim, Altinkum.
    For Investment
    Property values are rising by approximately 15 - 20% each year. A 15% growth each year for the next 5 years would see your investment value double.

    With rental prices expected at about £500 per week means that just 12 weeks of rental will go along way to covering your running costs and showing a profit.

    For it's Climate

    Didim has a fantastic climate, with no humidity and 7 months of non stop sunshine. There is no winter in Didim, it is more like autumn in the UK.

    Long season

    With nearly 8 months of the year, Didim has a long season. This starts in the middle of April and slows down in October. This is an ideal opportunity for those interested in rentals or for people wishing to live in Didim.

    Send me a private message to learn the details about it ;)
  14. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    I think you should look at somewhere that has good weather year round,Tenerife,Turkey,Cyprus, all provide good investments as well as others like Morocco,Egypt,Cape Verde Islands.
  15. sdgc

    sdgc New Member

    the cape verde islands, 5-6 hours from uk flying from bham,manchester,gatwick. all year round climate. :cool:
  16. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt

    I bought in El Gouna which is a privately owned town 30 minutes north of Hurghada airport. I have lived here for five years now. We have year round sunshine with about ten minutes of rain per year. I chose El Gouna because I wanted to live somewhere that felt completely different to Europe. I bought a Nubian style apartment with domed and vaulted ceilings and arches and with a roof terrace with 360 degree view of the lagoons, sea and mountains and the whole town. I also wanted somewhere I could walk to shops, bars and restaurants without having to fight with a taxi driver over prices every time I go out. As owners here we can use all the facilities of the hotels at a small charge. We have many different beaches and most properties overlook the lagoons or sea. We have a school and hospital and many new off-plan developments together with resales of existing developments. El Gouna is around 15 years old now and owned by Mr Samih Sawiris of Orascom. El Gouna is a big attraction for both scuba divers and kite surfers and the rental market is big for both long term and short term. Flights from Gatwick on Easy Jet to Hurghada.

    Not sure if I can post the link to El Gouna's website? elgouna dot com

    Sahl Hasheesh is also very beautiful. Each development is owned by a different company. It will take a few more years to take off as it is still like a ghost town without any shops.

    I hope this information helps and good luck with wherever you choose to purchase.
  17. syebba

    syebba New Member

    You dismiss Croatia too quickly,no mega resorts?
    Look at Dubrovnik,is a small city with gorgeous old town,marina,s & beaches,it is busy most of the year,some peeps are boasting 80% occupancy rates per year,just over 2hr flight,£80 return fare if booked in advance.
    Golf courses,marina's,5* hotels,beaches can be replicated anywhere in the world,real charm,history & character cannot.
    Tourists after 'your itinerary' will simply move on to the next sterile development as & when it becomes available & is cheaper for them to do so.
    Otherwise,usual choices,Egypt,Canary isles,Cape Verde,Cyprus,etc.
    Your right to focus on rental yields rather than the fickle nature of capital growth:)
    Best of luck whatever u decide.:cool:
  18. merlia

    merlia New Member

    Fair enough.... thanks for that.
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