Which city is best for property in India?



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Any idea about the best city or from we get a high return by investing.

Dora Wi

It depends on what kind of real estate you prefer.
I don't know a lot about India but I've heard that the real estate investment is popular in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi.
Another thing you can do is look for places that are not so popular now but which the government targets with improvement plans such as building better infrastructure, schools or commercial centres. In those kinds of places may be low now but go much higher later.


If you are looking for the best properties in India. According to my observation, I would prefer either Mumbai or Delhi.
Asmita Bedi

Asmita Bedi

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My answer will be Pune. As I live in Maharashtra I would like to suggest cities like Mumbai and Pune. Mumbai and Pune have huge amount of job and business opportunities. Real estate market here has changed tremendously in last decade. Pune, Mumbai will give you great national and international connectivity. Real estate developers in pune working here to develop best properties with world class amenities. So if you are looking forward in invest in Real Estate Market in India then consider Pune Mumbai on priority.


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If there’s one city that’s enjoying the glory of a flourishing property market, it’s Hyderabad. The city has stood out for having the largest percentage gain in sales and a constant price increase over the last five years. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, end-user demand rose in Hyderabad, which saw a 39 percent year-on-year increase in house sales during the January-March period of the current calendar year. Although the pandemic has impacted the real estate market around the world, the Hyderabad market seems to have a bright market especially in its residential real estate sector.

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