Which areas of Egypt offer the best value for real estate investors?

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by totallyproperty, May 16, 2014.

  1. totallyproperty

    totallyproperty Administrator Staff Member

    There is no doubt that the Egyptian real estate market is certainly back on the radar of many international property investors. Despite ongoing political uncertainty, civil unrest and issues with the economy, there is no doubt that the country is certainly attracting more attention than in recent years.

    Which areas of the Egyptian real estate market offer best value in your opinion?
  2. NeilHollingsworth

    NeilHollingsworth New Member

    Would it be classed as advertising if I replied?
  3. Veronica

    Veronica Administrator

    Not if you recommend areas but yes if you mention any projects which you are marketing.
  4. NeilHollingsworth

    NeilHollingsworth New Member

    I will leave it because he has asked for areas of the real estate market offer the best value, I would have to name developments and locations to answer so to avoid any slapped wrists I better not.
  5. Mantis

    Mantis New Member

    Buy a finished property is my advice. Firstly like Neil states it could have all the paperwork and possible to get its green certificate. If investors want Egypt, research is the key.

    However, developments Off-Plan could be years in completion, Choose one that is near to habitation and be aware those built on Hotel Complexes could be rented out so be sure you get paid from the rentals by securing good contracts on good tenures.

    Finally, beware of new projects coming onto the market. These may be scams to get your deposits. You may never see your investment as this is the land of Ali Baa-baas.


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