Which area of Spain offers the best place to retire?

Discussion in 'Spanish property' started by DC, May 21, 2007.

  1. Sabrina L.Williams

    Sabrina L.Williams New Member

    Fuerteventura or Lanzarote in the Canary Islands are both amazing places to live (I lived in Lanzarote for 12 years and currently live in Fuerteventura). The climate is mild all year round, I'm still wearing short sleeves and it's almost November. There is a tranquillity that is out of this world, the islanders are really open and the pace of life can be what you want, relaxed or fast paced.

    There is a bit of everything (bars, restaurants, places of interest for both tourists and residents, beaches, water sports, golf, a lovely mixed community of people from various backgrounds...). Regular flights to the other islands, mainland Spain, the UK, Ireland etc.
  2. Fer

    Fer New Member

    If you want the best food and tropical weather (Gulf Stream) go to Galicia
  3. Fer

    Fer New Member

    Another perfect destination is Asturias, not so well known
  4. simonet68

    simonet68 New Member

    A very good place is Catalunya, very good services and good food too (I would reccomend the area in Gerona, Barcelona is too expensive). It is cheaper in Malaga and there is also a big English community.
  5. domusvenari

    domusvenari New Member

    All depends on what you want from your retirement! I have lived in a few places up and down the coast of Spain - every place has something unique about itself. However, do you want to live inland? Near the coast? Live in an expat community or not bothered? It's all about what you want!

    Málaga has come down massively in price like many places throughout mainland Spain.
  6. halley decosta

    halley decosta New Member

    Best place to retire

    According to me "Salinas, Ecuador" is the right place for retirement.The climate of this area is mild and sometimes dry. Temperature conditions in day & night is great & wonderful.Talk about convenience you can easily be able to reach international airports in Guayaquil & Equador's. The cost of living for the retirement is also very cheap, a retired couple could live here $ 1600 a month. Hope this helps,thank you.
  7. DC

    DC Member

    Every area, has its positives and negatives
    Each person has their own tastes
  8. tonymar

    tonymar New Member

    Think Alicante is good , close to the sea , airport and not a main stream area for expats , so not to much crime

    Tony Agost Alicante

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