Where to look for Real Estates in Portugal on the web?



Hi, I'm a new member and have done some browsing around and saw a lot of nice info. However after reading a lot of threads I got no real pointers to get some key websites to look for Real Estate to buy or rent in Portugal.

What do you use to find properties in Portugal? Not only on Algarve that is well supplied with sites for this, but for all the territory. It would be a bonus to have also some regional info to help the decision info.

Thank you in advance


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google pureportugal for property, accommodation, and info

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try with google...
cheap properties portugal
central portugal property
coast portugal property
properties for sale in portugal...

you´ll get many companies that normally has area information

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You can Search info on the internet and look at a million photos but untill you really see the contry it will be a blind guess regarding were to buy.
Try a viewing try were you can visit diferent areas untill you find what you're looking for and then see some properties to get a price knowlege for that area.
Some agents use this viewing trip to get to you and then they try a hard sale. you just have to tell them that untill you are presented with an area that suits you you are not looking at properties.
One sugestion: Try us ! Portugal realty services


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When you are looking to buy a property in another country, you want to be certain that you can find an estate agent in whom you can trust. We have set up our company, Goispro Mediação Imobiliária, Lda., for precisely this reason; training in Portuguese estate agency and taking the official exam, to become registered with INCI, the professional governing body of Estate Agency in Portugal. Hence our company is licensed and legal, with a guarantee of fair and transparent practice for all parties concerned. Based in the heart of Góis, we are the only licensed estate agents located in the concelho, and we possess an extensive knowledge of the whole Góis region, one of the most beautiful areas in Central Portugal.


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Buying Property in Portugal

Unfortunately there has been a culture in Portugal in recent years of unscrupulous property dealing, that has led to some Portuguese sellers, and buyers from overseas, being cheated of considerable sums of money. The activities of these unlicensed agents have now been made illegal, although they continue to operate and prey on the unwary. If you do business with such agents, and things go wrong, you have no redress under Portuguese law.

In order to protect yourself it is important to take heed of the following advice:

•Only work with estate agents licensed with the Instituto da Construção e do Imobiliário (INCI),in possession of an Identity Card and a genuine and valid licence number. (Some agents have been known to falsify a licence number.) You should always ask to see this number. If in any doubt, take a note of the number and contact INCI who will check it out for you.

Websites that state they are licensed companies are not necessarily so – look for their licence number and check it with INCI.


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Internet Estate Agents

We are an internet based Estate Agency License No. AMI 5960 , Take a look at My Portugal Property We have one of the most diverse selections of property available.


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This site is very recommendable;
search the google for "terradosrios"

Good luck!


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This is a bit of an old post.

But if anyone is looking for property on the web, we have 3 websites that may be of interest.

GekkoPortugal: A guide to Living, working and buying property in Central Portugal
An information guide to living, working and buying property in Portugal, with property listings from inci registered estate agent.

Chavetejo Imobiliaria: INCI registered estate agents with property for sale and rent in Central Portugal: Houses, Farms, Cottages, Ruins, Buildings Plots
An inci registered estate agency with properties across central portugal and the Silver coast

Chavetejo - Mediação Imobiliária LDA
our agency website in Portuguese with search facility for over 1000 properties.


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I used a few different agents but found one that dealt with me to my needs.

Maybe give them a try.

Dream Homes Portugal




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alright, the portuguese term for estate agent is mediador imobiliario , and such a company performs mediação imobiliaria . those are good words for you to google.

im working as pr for an architecture and engeneering co. and we work with one of such agents. we have strickt laws over here as to what each agent can do, so we follow them best we can. im not selling or buying. just looking and talking. business is done elsewhere. but none works as a commissioner..


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So much offers...and indeed like "omostra06" mentionned, it is a bit of an old post...

So here one more offer, between so much suggestions:


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well from my search ive come across these two website, with lots of portuguese properties

myhomeinportugal com and bestpropertiesinthesun com

looks like they belong to the same network.