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Where to invest

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by rkinvestor, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. rkinvestor

    rkinvestor New Member

    I am a new investor trying to make my mark. I would like to invest in Egypt but not sure in which project to invest. Could someone help me out?
  2. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    That's a very open question as tere is never a 'one size fits all solution' when it comes to buying property.

    Some questions to ask yourself:

    1. Are you buying purely as an investment or would you like to use it yourself?
    2. How much cash are you looking to invest?
    3. Have you got all of the money now, or would you prefer to pay over a longer period?
    4. Do you have the skills to market the property yourself in terms of bringing in rental income, or would you be better off with a development that offers a guaranteed rental income?

    Generally speaking though, you are always going to be better off buying a firstline beach property as beachfront is always going to be in limited supply.
  3. rkinvestor

    rkinvestor New Member

    I will PM you with all the information
  4. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Beach front or not

    Beach front in Hurghada is not really in short supply except in the prime downtown areas where there are only a few spots left.

    There is so much beach front in Egypt that you need to be very careful about what you really want.

    As a generalisation genuine Beach front is a good choice if you can afford it, but you need to check on a few facts before deciding:

    1. how far away from other amenties is the development
    - in and around Hurghada there is maybe 30 miles of beach front
    - some of the current off-plan sites are a long way from Hurghada
    2. when is beach front not really beach front
    - when the apartment is 500 metres from the beach within the development
    - some plots are very narrow and stretch a long way inland
    - the least expensive units will be a fair distance from the sea.
    3. Some dvelopments that are just back from big sea front hotels may actually be closer to the beach, and with easy access through the hotels may be better value
    and be in a better overral location.
  5. Dear Investor

    If you want a superb investment in Egypt, i would be looking at Sahl Hasheesh over hurghada. Hurghada is cheaper and good value for money, but Sahl Hasheesh will be a very exclusive resort and better for investment then Hurghada if you have the money as it is twice as expensive as Hurghada but the returns will be better. Paradise Gardens is a good development to look at in Sahl Hasheesh, studio from £42,000
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