Where is the best location in Panama to invest?



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Hi everyone.
I am looking to buy an off plan property in Panama for investment. Can anyone please recommend the best location?. I have heard that the coastal areas (caribbean and pacific ocean) are better than the city of Panama for future investment. I have also looked at some developments near Maria Chiquita such as the Bala Beach Resort. Has anyone already bought any property over there or would recommend any other good developments. Thank you. Regards.


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The Caribbean Side of Panama does offer a great investment potential. Another superb location is the area of Bocas Del Toro.

I live and work in Panama as a Real Estate consultant and know the project in Panama that you mention and I would like to show you details on the new 5 Star Condo Hotel Project that is now being released in Palacio Del Mar.

We are still seeing good capital growth in Panama even when the rest of the world seems to be in slowdown. This is probably due to the growing economy from the Canal Expansion and the Free Trade Zone.

As for Occupancy levels for rentals well Panama was recently listed in a Bloomberg report as being in the top 10 location in the world with a high occupancy rate it was quoted at 84%.

What you need to decide in Panama is what your are actually looking for in a property. If it is to buy and then flip before closing then possibly the city would be best as there is a high turnover. The Pacific Ocean would work if you are looking at closing on the unit and possibly renting for a few years.

The Caribbean at present offer the ability to do both but you will have nothing to compare to at this present time.

PM me if you wish to talk in greater detail.


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I would suggest the beach areas around Chiriqui. There is still a lot of potential for future growth.


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Boca Chica is really nice, so it Burica. There have been folks who sold out whole developments in mere weeks. Not just one or two people either....

If you like the American version of Panama, you can always look into Boquete, which is about 30 minutes from David.


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The Tuna Coast
Isla Taboga or Isla Saboga
Coronado and the Pacific Beaches
The Azuero Peninsula


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While the one major risk regarding real estate investment in Panama is the total dependence on the Panama Canal, this is something which is not going anywhere in the short-term. We have seen rumours and suggestions of rival canals which never seem to materialise and there is no doubt that Panama itself has benefited financially from the canal.

What are the forecasts for the Panama real estate market in the short-term? Does anyone have any experience of this particular market?