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Where is it HOT right now!

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by jvizman, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. jvizman

    jvizman New Member

    I live in Costa Rica! I am looking to invest abroad! i have taken about as much as i feel is good for me in one spot! i try not to put all my eggs in one basket! Anyone not invested here already should really take a strong look here first! But to what I need what is the HOTTEST place right now for investments in RE!
  2. alexft

    alexft New Member

    Hottest places are the riskiest one.Iraq properties before the end of Sadam regime were a good buy. There are few potential hot spots at the moment. Some areas in Turkey for example. I would recommend to pay for the detailed research or buy via broker who does not push people to buy ordinary properties portrayed as extraordinary opportunity in the glossy marketing materials. Best buy offers come with serious market intelligence and not with easy X% return, sun all year around, 40% sold already, etc claims


  3. SweetHome

    SweetHome New Member

    I guess UK is a good bet..or maybe Dubai.


  4. jvizman

    jvizman New Member

    i looked at dubai it is now all consesion! that is like renting for a 100 years! with no real ownership.
  5. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Risky - Argentina/Albania
    Med safe - Morrocco/Mexico
    Safe - Sicily/Portugal/Some areas of the US/n
    Safest - Germany/Northern Spain

    Just MHO and many would argue against me.
  6. taikang

    taikang New Member

    I know some of the best places

    if you are looking to invest fro a reasonably low outlay with maximum returns i know of a great investment in Hurghada Egypt and also in Brazil. I have just joined and not sure if i can put links in this message but if you want more information please ask.
  7. jvizman

    jvizman New Member

    Mexico once again consesion! Not for me!
  8. taikang

    taikang New Member

    Don't understand what you mean, but if you not interested no problem
  9. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    SAFEST - Germany I agree, but low hassle fully managed deals hard to find

    MOROCCO - I'm a safety freak, yet I did invest in a Government Plan Azure development here as the investment potential was great enough to outweigh the worry

    The reason I avoided Spain and Portugal is because all the 'meat' had gone as the booms there were mature so I could'nt see the point in investing as the yield against capital introduced makes the returns lower than one could get by simply sticking the money in a Bank account.

    The only possible investment case that could be argued is that you 'might' get a spurt of meaty capital growth well above the yield percentage on a cash account, but thats a big 'might'.

    I felt it better to invest just accross the sea in Morocco with a project that was Government backed, that had a low capital outlay yet big potential in view of the massive amount of onsite facilities to include the biggest most modern marina in the Med.
  10. Paul

    Paul New Member

    It's a difficult and contentious question. There are inevitably hotpots that come and go, but isn't your investment criteria just as important? What do you want out of it? Profit obviously, but a riskier large profit, or a more certain smaller one? How much work are you prepared to put in? How much travel, language barriers, mortgage options, rental management, etc etc. What I'm saying is that there are many more points to take into account than the straight profit margin...

    From our point of view, we have had great sucess in Spain, Cyprus, Germany and the US and are currently particularly busy in the Caribbean (there's current examples on our website if you want a peek)
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2008
  11. jvizman

    jvizman New Member

    Consesion is when the land is leased to you by the government for 100 years with an option to extend. but you NEVER own the land yourself!!!!
  12. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Down to earth, no hype, no bs, no blx, good post - not something I would have expected given what I have read in the papers and other information channels about Inside track in recent weeks.

    A change in tack or are the people making these allegations all wrong?

    Which is it?

    Shame you ruined a helpful post with such a blatant plug and whilst it is very kind of you to offer me a peek I don't think I want to look at anything Inside track has to offer.

    Please continue to post though as there are many who would like to hear what Inside Track has to say on a variety of subjects.

    Glad to see you here.
  13. opyguy

    opyguy New Member

    Brazil is my answer

    If you are looking for a quick return on your real estate investiment I know places in Brazil.
  14. kildare

    kildare New Member

    I have heard that there are lots of great opportunities in Brazil right now. What can you tell us about title safety, real estate hotspots, potential returns etc... in Brazil?
  15. Olly

    Olly New Member


    Presume you found Costa Rica hot for its land prices first, then made the decision to develop or not?

    Along similar lines; working with a group of investors ready buying in Romania with 100% guaranteed return on land sale within 9 months. Minimum stake is GBP 100,000.

    Also, circa GBP 77,500 land purchase with low-cost option to build 4 bed villa on each plot. Resale value GBP 500K+++.

    If you're interested please write to me off board.

  16. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    The point most agents on here keep missing is this;

    I can put money in the Bank and get 5.5% yield, no worries, no fees, no selling costs, its liquid, no developer who might go bust.

    So many of you say "x" is hot, for example Brazil or Romainia, but what does this really mean?
    What if I want to sell my off plan property? THIS IS MUCH HARDER THAN YOU THINK FOLKS. The agent who sold you the property originally probably wont be able to re - sell it, afterall he will have moved onto another NEW development, which is HOT!

    I've been at this for a while now. There is so much property out there all seeking the same dollars.


    1) Ask them - will it produce a net total return above 5.5% I could earn in the Bank AFTER ALL COSTS INCLUDING INTEREST LOST ON THE MONEY YOU PAY OVER TO THE PROPERTY, TAXES ETC

    This means you need a gross return of about 10% pa to make it worthwhile.

    I bet it wont..............

    What happens when you die, how do your kids EASILY extract the money.

    Back to Brazil, Romainia etc - next question;
    2) When will the rent start and how many months per year will I get?

    You will often find you end up with just a few months rent per year, which after your ongoing maintenance costs, lost interest and so on renders the investment pointless.

    I recommend you buy now only where property prices have crashed. The US looks promising although getting the right investment, with no hassle and year round rent will still be hard work. The dollars low price also makes the US a prime candidate.
    Forget the ****pits in declining industrial cities where no one wants to live though.

    Id look for prime city real estate that has defined ongoing rental demand and no restrictions on renting the place out.

    I want it on the Eastern side as flights not so long.

    I want it cheap though, and will only consider places where prices can be proven to have fallen a good percentage.

    I will no longer consider a developer who wants me to part wioth cash up front. Why should I take the risk that he may default?
    There are plenty of finished properties I can buy, so I will no longer bother with developers who want money up front.
  17. jvizman

    jvizman New Member

    I get worried when i hear guaranteed! there is no guarantees in life and specially with properties! one land dump or rezoning and poof!!! there goes your profit and lands you smack dab in the red!!! so i really stay away from "100% guaranteed!!!"
  18. Olly

    Olly New Member

    Hello jvizman really ought to learn top contain your 'worries'...

    No seriously; do you honestly think Donald Trump and other real estate leaders haven't found it possible to guarantee themselves 100% or even 1,000% or more?

    The situation to which I refer is where the land is currently agro zoned but a lease-option was agreed prior to planning permission being granted. Now, the intended purchaser needs to raise the funds to complete the purchase having already secured a buyer (developer) and a price agreed.

    The last time I did this with a group of investors we made in excess of 500% each but that was over a two and a half year period. This 100% will be between 7 & 9 months.

    Trust this explains how the system works even if it's not for you, please do accept it is possible. Of course there are risks but I can assure you they are minimised to a very acceptable level and, besides, all the participants have completed this kind of project at least 3 times before. Some of us many more times than this.

    Final prompt; suggest you seriously analyse this method whenver you can. Why? As an experienced real estate professional by training and qualification, similar systems to this will take over from the well-trodden path most of everyone complains about through the medium of e-blogs.

    Wish you every success...

  19. oregon woodsmoke

    oregon woodsmoke New Member

    If you are already living in Costa Rica, invest there. You know the area, so you should know where the best locationas are, and you are there yourself to watch over your investments.

    [[[ you honestly think Donald Trump and other real estate leaders haven't found it possible to guarantee themselves 100% or even 1,000% or more?......]]]]]

    There is no difference at all between Donald Trump as an investor and any of us. The figures he works with are bigger, and he has more experience. However, he puts his money at risk just like we do. In fact, Trump has occassionally failed and made an error and lost millions.

    There are very few secrets or tricks to real estate. If you are searching for the secret of riches that nobody knows except for the very rich, you are going to be searching for a very long time. There are very well studied laws of economics that determine how real estate is going to react, what is going to be a good investment, what will hold it's value, what will never pay it's own way. Anyone with an elementary education and a calculator can figure out whether or not a project is worth investing. And that is exactly what Trump does: he runs the figures, just like anyone else does.

    There is nothing you can do in the field of investing that does not involve some risk. The safer the investment, the lower the rewards. The more risk, the higher the potential of the rewards (but no guarantees.)

    If you want safe, put your money in a passbook savings account in the USA. It's guaranteed by the federal government. You can't lose. The only problem with such safety is the interest paid is currently less than 1%. No risk at all, very little gain.
  20. jvizman

    jvizman New Member

    i am just starting my life as a RE agent. that i why i am here to learn all i can from people with more expierence than i ! but, i do know this! that when people tell that there is a investment that has the potential to return you x amount with little to no risk. i look deeper then wiegh the risks for me! "what and how would this affect me finacially if this went wrong" this is how i invest be it stocks, commodities, or properties! we are financially secure. i am basiaclly doing this because i love working with people. not because i have to work to pay bills! this is a great job that leaves me feeling good when i help someone find thier dream property. where else can you do that and still get a nice check to boot! it has great hours and i am happy all the time now.but as far as investments go i KNOW that saying as close to guarantee as it gets or straight out just saying guarantee scares me into looking closer! if i have done my due diligence and i feel comfortable then yes i have taken the plung and made some great returns! but i have also held back because it felt to good to be true and lost a possible winfall. all in all i have saved more money than i would have ever made. but looking back as i have before writting this i see that my father's advice was right on the money! he told as a young man god gave you instincts so use them. do not let someone talk you into something that you are not 100% behind on your own. it is not your money it belongs to your family. if you can justify the risk to reward them it is ok to take on some high risk. but it must always be the smallest part of your portfolio to be financially stable and indipendent! these are just my views that work very well for me! in know other people who are great risk takers and have done so with great success! i say good for you ! if i can learn anything from you please show me! i know that no one has cornered the market on good ideas! so any tips help or commits let me know ! i will gladly take a look at everything that i can be cause i want to keep learnig till the day i die!:D
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2008
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