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Where Can I find Projects To Invest In? - Do you have links?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by John_Melin, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. John_Melin

    John_Melin New Member

    I give out loans. Do you know where I can find sites that shows interesting projects for me? Got a link I can take a look at?

    Big projects involving loans of atleast 1,3 million USD.
  2. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member

    I know a project that is looking for refinancing. I believe the amount would be around €3 million. Its basically land around a city and they are having difficulty getting a buyer /or a joint venture. The land has all the planning permission to build apartment and villas. They need to refinance now and are waiting till 2010 to start building.
    Would this be of any interest.
  3. John_Skinner

    John_Skinner New Member

    I have something that may be of interest !!

    Depending on what you are after, i have a number of projects that might be of interest & clients in need of finance for their own purchase.

    5-star golf resort properties (2 entire resorts in Spain; Costa Del Sol & Murcia).
    5-star private beach front resort (1 Luxury, resort in Southern Turkey).
    28 Luxury apartments in Aberdeen, Scotland (offered at 33% BMV, an ideal BTL opportunity).

    Contact me giving your name, company, email and contact number.

  4. John_Melin

    John_Melin New Member

    Ok this sounds interesting. mickthepropertyguru and John_Skinner can send me your email and phone number. Also the amount needed for the projects.

    I will get back to you on email for the loan requirements. Then we can talk about a time when I can call you.

  5. John_Skinner

    John_Skinner New Member

    mycontacts2009 at yahoo co uk

  6. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member

    Hello John,
    What is your company name and do you have a website ?
    And which area of the world are you based in ?
  7. John_Skinner

    John_Skinner New Member

    Contact me on: mycontacts2009 at yahoo co uk

    If you could outline your area of interest, i will be happy to answer your questions.

  8. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member

    The question is to John Melin :)
  9. John_Skinner

    John_Skinner New Member

    Damn this popular name - lol.

  10. John_Melin

    John_Melin New Member

    I have just started with this job. When I have closed a few deals and see that this partnership works out OK I will start a new company and put up a website for it.
  11. John_Skinner

    John_Skinner New Member

    Sorry, i'm confused.

    You started by saying that you give out loans and were looking for interesting projects to invest in. Now you say you have just started with the company ... etc?

    What exactly is the situation and what are you in a position to offer?

    Are you just looking for people seeking loans, or are you looking for projects to invest in to turn a profit; if so at what level of input are you considering and when?

    As i've already said i have a number of property projects right now that would be an excellent investment; provide monthly incomes and offer good long-term profits on resale.

    If you can clarify what you seek, what you are looking to invest and when, then perhaps I might have something for you.

  12. John_Melin

    John_Melin New Member

    I am not personally giving out loans or invest in project. The investor I work for give out loans. ONLY loans. I have just started working with him. And after I have closed some deals and see that the partnership is working I will start a new company and put up a website and market it.

    Have have worked with internet marketing and webbdesign since before.
  13. John_Skinner

    John_Skinner New Member

    Ah, i see.

    So you work for somebody involved in finance, and after a while plan to put up your own website to market his service. So its not you that offers the loans and you don't have any funds for investing.

    Thanks, that's cleared that up nicely.

  14. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member

    John Melin
    What currency do you work in ?
    Which country are you based in ?
  15. John_Melin

    John_Melin New Member

    Primary with Euro. I live in Sweden.
  16. John_Skinner

    John_Skinner New Member

    I have a client seeking £5'290'000.oo to purchase some property (property has market value of £6'900'000.oo) what kind of terms can you offer and based on what requirements?

  17. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member

    Hello John_M
    The guy thats overseeing the project is called Danny. His email is "[email protected]"
    If you send him an email, he will give you all the details
  18. Darklord103411

    Darklord103411 New Member

    We have a property development happening in Darwin Australia. Land has been already secured. It is a major waterfront development, including marinas for super yachts, commercial and residential combined with medical facilities, supermarkets, speciality shops, fish markets, boating facilities (Small maintenance for medium sized boats etc).

    All has been approved by the Northern Territory Government. We are hoping to start construction in June of this year. To be completed over a 5 year period.
    It will be a massive waterfront site for Darwin, along with many other new projects happening in and around the city.

    The area concerned is now currently, classed as heavy marine industrial, NT Government wants it all gone and developed as a Commercial and Residential Complex along with all that has been stated above.

    We are seeking the refinance the original loan as the bank we originally received the loan was taken over by another bank recently. They have stated they do not wish to have this project in their debt and have more or less said "We are not a land bank" so we have decided to look elsewhere for funding.
    We require around $500 million to complete the entire project.

    Anyone interested in this project PM me on this site
  19. arsiniblatyhokom

    arsiniblatyhokom New Member

    Dear Sir,

    Anyone interested to invest in Bali island??? I know there is a Boutique Hotel( Villa resort) for sale with access directly to the beach at Tabanan area/south west coast of the island. Also a company looking for a buyer, would sell their land for 15 hectar ( 1500 Are of land) with beach front, river, rice field view. Good for a resort/villa development, nearby some other project is built for private villa. Other company would like to make joint venture for their land but it is not agreed. Perhaps there is investor need to invest on the land and make a joint venture to the International developer. Do you have someone for this????

    Have a great day for all...and best regards from Bali....

  20. John_Skinner

    John_Skinner New Member

    Australia is certainly an area i would be interested in breaking into from a sales point of view; would be very interested in assisting in the sale of the units / resort.


    * If you're in need of a fully qualified & time served Joiner / House Builder, I have one sitting twiddling his thumbs in Perth, WA at the moment, that's looking for a big long-term contract.
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