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Whens the Land Registration Process taking place for International City Apartments

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Markus, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Markus

    Markus New Member

    I am currently looking to buy an apartment in the International City and have read that the prices of the apartments will rise dramtically after Land Registration has taken place. Does anybody know when Land Regsistration is taking place, there a lot of apartments in I.C so it will obviously take a while.
  2. Kind

    Kind New Member

    I checked with the agent I bought through in IC about Title Deed. They say they have already appliaed for it for all unit holders but have no idea as to how long it may take.
  3. anwar khan

    anwar khan New Member

    I reckon by the end of this year
  4. Polycarp Ambe-Niba

    Polycarp Ambe-Niba New Member

    Regarding the problem of the protracted processing of title deeds, does anyone know whether someone can proceed to sell apartment at International City pending issuance of the title deed. I tried to sell a studio and an agent at Better Homes told me there are many willing buyers but they won't buy without title deed.
  5. Ameer

    Ameer New Member

    Issues in deed registration

    I am currently struggling with the building owner and Nakheel to get the the tiltle deeds
    registred for my unit. Some building owners took the money from unit owners as requested by Nakheel but refuse to give it to nakheel and this is delaying our deeds registration. This seems true at least for one of the building where I bought. I suspect that the building owner might have used that bulk of money as a deposit to purchase something else (may be another building) and hence can not have enough cash to pay to Nakheel everything.

    And now each party is blaming the other as usual and I am amased that such a large company like Nakheel can not enforce its own rules and things drag and drag like for my case for one years.. now. Although I have no intention to sell I feel it is necessary to get the deed titles for peace of mind.

    I suggest that those with similar problem to pressurise Nakhee to take action. An article in a local paper could eventually draw attention to this problem.
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  6. BAkhtar

    BAkhtar New Member

    Hi Ameer,

    Why dont you name the building owner who might have collected money for registration but did not deposit with Nakheel. This might help other buyers who are yet to pay for registration.
  7. Ameer

    Ameer New Member

    Building owners not willing to hand registration money to Nakheel

    Any one can send me a private email and I will tell u more about the building and building owner.
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