When will worldwide interest rates start to move up?



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Earlier this year the US authorities increased base rates although they have since seemingly backtracked suggesting this might have been a mistake. However, it does beg the question, when will worldwide interest rates start to move up? There is so much uncertainty regarding economies around the world it is difficult to say with any confidence when rates may increase.


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It is extremely unlikely will see UK (or indeed worldwide) base rates increase in the short to medium term. There is still far too much economic uncertainty.


While there are some murmurings that US base rates could rise in the New Year, is this really likely?

Donald Trump will take office in the New Year and surely the controversy and confusion this has created will not help the US economy in the short term. If this is the case, would you really expect to see an increase in base rates?


Personally I think it will be sometime before worldwide interest rates start to move significantly higher. Central banks and governments around the world seem scared to increase base rates which would seem to suggest a fragile ongoing recovery? There is no doubt that cheap finance has helped the worldwide property market to remain fairly robust but recent concerns about Brexit and any long-term consequences are starting to impact investor decisions.