When will UK property investors look overseas?



There is a very interesting debate at the moment regarding UK property investors who are maybe a little cautious about the UK property market at the moment. Traditionally, many would have looked overseas via direct investment of pooled investment vehicles. However, the UK currency is still relatively weak (with many expecting further downside). What will prompt UK investors to look overseas again? When will the UK currency recover?


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Quite simply, until sterling recovers in some shape or form there is no real encouragement for UK investors to look overseas. If they were to acquire Euro based properties today and Sterling did recover they would also lose on the way up. A very difficult scenario!


It is unfortunate but I think that many UK investors won’t be looking overseas for some time to come because of the potential currency issues. If by magic the UK authorities were to resolve the Brexit conundrum in the short term then sterling would likely bounce significantly. Until things are a little clearer, I see no reason for UK investors to look overseas. There is still value in some areas of the UK market in the longer term?