When was the last time contrarian property strategies were possible?



I am looking back towards the 2008/9 US mortgage crisis and the subsequent collapsing property markets. After the bottom of the market those with a contrarian view would have made a significant return in just a few years. However, we have had Brexit, the general election and now we have the coronavirus but while the mass media has been suggesting "a collapse in property prices" this is just not happen, so far.

Are contrarian property strategies now a thing of the past?


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In many ways I sometimes think that the contrarian investment strategy is still alive and kicking but there are so many people waiting for this to happen that this offers support to the market and we don't see the expected downturn. We saw a short-term fall after the Brexit vote and there is every chance we will see some kind of downturn after the coronavirus pandemic is "under control".

While many would disagree, I still think that the prospects for UK property going forward are still relatively good. After all, the population is still rising!