When is the best time to make an emotional appeal?



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Hi All,
I am a first time buyer (in London) and as such would appreciate advice. I had a viewing on Saturday for a home listed at 475k. I think it is way overpriced. I know another offer of 410 was rejected so I am thinking to submit 412 or 415. It is being sold by a will executor. Based on the (sincere I think) feedback from the agent it would be good to make increments of 5k until the offer is accepted. I believe the fair value or a similar home is around 440, however it needs a huge amount of work, such as reviring, repiping (at some point),roof/gutters checks, asbestos checks, rubbish cleanup, redecoration, etc as such I do not want to overpay. I would appreciate advice on what would be the best time to make an emotional appeal if any? I do like the house and I am not afraid of additional investments and work as such I want to have a good chance at getting it as my family really needs their own home. Is it best to make an emotional appeal with first offer or last one?